Community S5 Ep13 – Basic Sandwich

Community S5 Ep13 – Basic Sandwich

Season five of Community has been without a doubt one of the show’s best. The return of showrunner Dan Harmon proved that there is no Community without Harmon. Now the show has reached its season finale and quite possibly its series finale. Being that the fate of the show is still up in the air, as it still hasn’t been renewed for a sixth season, does “Basic Sandwich” serve well as an end to the series? Similar to preceding Community season finales, “Basic Sandwich” does its best to try and be both a season and series finale.

Community S5 Ep13 - Basic Sandwich

On a hunt for buried treasure

“Basic Sandwich”, the continuation of “Basic Story”, sees the gang heading to an underground abandoned wing at Greendale in search of treasure. We find out that the treasure mentioned in the previous episode is a super computer created by an old, long-dead Greendale professor (played by Chris Elliot), the circuits of which are made up entirely of gold. Some very funny bits lead up to them discovering a trap door into the abandoned wing, including Professor Duncan’s realization that Greendale is shaped like a penis, Professor Duncan electrifying himself after Hickey tries to break a wall down exposing wires, and the two school board members making sure the rest of the characters know that they actually have names.

Shirley, Hickey, and Duncan remain upstairs and have a tea party as a distraction from the trap door everyone else went through. When Jeff, Britta, Annie, Abed, and Dean Pelton make it down to the abandoned wing we get a couple of funny 70s references, including a mention about Pet Rocks, and also a hilarious shushing scene. Annie pulls Abed aside and vents her frustrations about how Greendale and everyone around them is changing, and if they do save Greendale what Greendale will they be saving? The show gets meta here as Abed reassures Annie with his TV logic that a Jeff/Britta spin-off is destined to fail, and not to worry because even without Pierce and Troy Greendale (or Community) can still continue.

Eventually they find the hidden room containing the computer they were looking for, along with Russell Borchert, the professor everyone thought was long dead. Apparently, he had been hiding down there with 50 years worth of food, water, and cocaine. He pleads with them not to take his computer from him and thanks to a moving and inspirational speech from Annie they choose not to. This was a nice touch. Usually it’s Jeff who gets to do the big speeches. I liked that Annie had a turn this time around.

As it turns out they didn’t even need to take the computer, because Borchert has millions of Gerald Ford dollars that he willingly gives to them and Greendale. Unfortunately, school board members Richie and Carl find their way in, steal the money, and lock the group in the room with Borchert and his computer. It seems all hope is lost until Borchert states the locked door can be reopened if a large enough emotional response can be sent to the computer’s emotional components. It’s all very absurd, but Jeff takes this opportunity to place the device connected to the computer onto his head while staring at the rest of the group. He hears lines they once said from previous episodes and we get a sense of how much Jeff cares for his friends. It works to their advantage and they escape. Being that Borchert is actually the original founder of Greendale, they are able to stop the deal the school board was about to make with Subway. They save Greendale, celebrate to some Dave Matthews Band, and Jeff and Britta call the wedding off.

Community S5 Ep13 - Basic Sandwich

Hickey and Shirley being interrogated

One of the highlights of “Basic Story” was finding out that school board member Richie has psychic abilities. The show illustrated this by showing him fly into Buzz Hickey’s head as he interrogates him and Shirley. It was one of the episode’s more ludicrous scenes but made for some great laughs. The show even ended with a funny fake promo for his own NBC spin-off entitled Thought Jacker.

I figured Jeff and Britta’s marriage proposal from “Basic Story” would end up being fruitless. While I would have been satisfied if the show ended with them finally getting together, I don’t think it would work if the show continues. While we’re unsure if season six will even happen, Abed sure seemed confident. In a line to Annie he says that he’s sure they will be back next year, but also breaks the fourth wall and gives us a canonical ending, where if they don’t return it’s because an asteroid has destroyed all mankind. So, if season six doesn’t happen that will be why.

Overall, “Basic Sandwich” was very funny and completely ridiculous, but that’s just what you have to expect from Community. It tied up loose ends and gave mostly everyone something to do, although Shirley could have had more of a role. It definitely worked well as a season finale, but it would be a shame if this were to be the series finale. While the episode was great, we deserve a lot more resolution for it to be the conclusion of the entire series. Hopefully, the show will renewed for a sixth season and maybe we’ll get to see that movie.

What did you think Community fifth season finale? Do you want to see it return for a sixth season? Let us know in the comments.


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