Sinister Six to Be Directed by Drew Goddard?


Drew Goddard

Sony’s plans to expand their Spider-Man franchise currently include spinoff films for both Venom and Sinister Six. Venom is set to be written and directed by Alex Kurtzman, but Sinister Six has been waiting for an announcement on who will helm the film. Now, it looks like Drew Goddard, who wrote the script for the movie last year, is in talks to direct as well.

Interestingly, Goddard is also showrunner for Marvel/Disney’s Daredevil series, due to premiere on Netflix in 2015. Looks like he’ll be pretty busy, splitting his time between two different Marvel franchises. But the final decision hasn’t been made just yet. Negotiations are still in progress for Sinister Six, but it’s highly likely Goddard will sign on. We’ll keep you updated as things develop.

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