Captain America 3 Release Date Set

Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie logo

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-poster with captain america sans helmetLast month we told you about Marvel and DC facing off at the box office because they both have movies slated for May 6, 2016, but at the time it wasn’t certain just which Marvel film would be released. Now we can confirm that it is indeed Captain America 3 that is set for release that day.

So where does that leave us? Who will win in the battle between DC’s unnamed Batman and Superman film and Marvel’s third Captain America installment? Considering that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has broken April box office records by earning $96.2 million in its opening weekend, while DC’s Man of Steel underperformed during its box office run, Marvel has the edge here. Will one of the studios move their release date, or will we be facing a Marvel/DC showdown come 2016? We’ll have to wait and see.

Which studio do you think will blink first? If a showdown does happen, which film would you rather see on opening night? Let us know in the comments below!