Bitten S1 Ep 13 — Ready

Giant Galvanized Tub plays a part in the showdown — twice — which is pretty epic. The wolves (in human form) fight dramatically in the water, including maybe-Boggs, who has a James Bond-Jaws type fight with Nick that ends with his demise and his dentures flying through the air.

The best part of the showdown was a remarkably choreographed fight between Elena and one of the minions that travels from one room, down a hallway, and into another. They climb walls and move across the floors as the stirring instrumental part of “Song for the Outsider” by Stateless plays on the soundtrack.

It's been fun, Santos.

It’s been fun, Santos.

Once the redshirts are taken care of, LeBlanc attacks Elena, but Karl steps in and allows her to kill him before telling her he’s decided to switch sides. Not knowing quite what to make of this, but happy for her life, she decides to let Jeremy decide what happens to him. Outside the gates, Santos is approached by Williams, who wants to know why he’s not inside fighting. Santos makes up an excuse about overseeing the action, but he’s clearly terrified. Williams makes him enter the house through a side entrance, where they find LeBlanc’s body. As Williams goes searching the house, Santos spots Karl in one of the rooms. He enters, alone, only to be ambushed by the pack. Santos castigates Karl for his betrayal, and it comes out that it was Karl who killed the young boy and turned the criminals into werewolves. Karl doesn’t deny it, and asks Jeremy to kill him. Jeremy has other plans — he thinks he’ll be of more use to them alive than dead. A humbled Karl accepts whatever fate the pack has planned. Santos is disgusted, but it’s short lived. As Clay holds him, Elena kills him by crushing his heart with her hand. This time, she displays no guilt about it.

Williams enters, hardly shocked that Santos has been killed. Jeremy takes one look at him and says he’d been hoping that the rumors of his death were true. As Williams gives a dark, villainous speech, the pieces come together: James Williams is, in fact, Malcolm Danvers — Jeremy’s father. It was Malcolm who had been targeting the pack all along. Why? Because Jeremy wasn’t using Elena to breed super-wolves. Jeremy vows to fight his father for Alpha.

Nick, you're all right. This week.

Nick, you’re all right. This week.

Meanwhile, Logan finds that Rachel is missing and freaks out. He runs from Stonehaven looking for her, with Nick close behind. Finally, Nick says they have to stop — her scent is gone. Logan, of course, refuses. Nick, who had been a vocal supporter of raising baby wolves in the pack without their mothers, asks if Logan will run off with Rachel when he finds her, never to come back. Logan says yes. Nick, in the most subtle surprise of the episode, agrees that he should and gives him a moving goodbye embrace. I have to say — though he’s really been a supporting player compared to Elena, Clay, Jeremy, and Logan — Nick is probably the most evolved character. I expect to see him play a bigger part next season.

Unknown to Logan, Rachel is with Malcolm and a young minion, being driven to who knows where.

Back at Stonehaven, Elena tells Clay she feels responsible for the rise of the mutts — not because they want her uterus, but because she left the pack, they stopped hunting mutts and enforcing pack law. She tells him they’re going to return to enforcement to keep the pack safe.

She goes to her room to fetch her engagement ring from Clay and checks herself in the mirror. She’s startled to see someone lying in her bed. She turns defensively, only to see that it’s not a person. It’s a disembodied head. Philip’s disembodied head. Santos may be out, but the war is far from over.

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

There really wasn’t much more you could ask for in a season finale — it had action, romance, shockers, closure, and a cliffhanger, a great way to end the first season. Amazing that, with all that fighting, there were only two brief appearances of changed wolves. The rest was “human” hand-to-hand combat, yet you never forgot that they were wolves. Nice. Looking forward to Bitten season 2!


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