Bitten S1 Ep 13 — Ready

Bitten promised an explosive season finale, and “Ready” didn’t disappoint. For every predictable outcome (really, who didn’t see Karl Marsten turning on the mutts coming?), there was a bombshell. Not to mention some of the most spectacular fight choreography I’ve seen. Plus, an exciting new Stonehaven “character”: Giant Galvanized Tub!

The infamous tub in quieter times

The infamous tub in quieter times

“Ready” opens with Giant Galvanized Tub at center stage, with a still-recovering Clay bathing in it, Elena devotedly at his side. Elena has come to see that Clay bit her for all the right reasons, saving her from Jeremy (who she’s now understandably pissed at). “He saved everyone but himself,” she says to a somewhat repentant Jeremy, “And I’m not going to let it happen again.” Elena and Clay share some tender moments as he bathes, with Elena finally taking him back completely by slipping his ring back on his finger. It’s all very romantic, and Laura Vandervoort and Greyston Holt have fabulous chemistry. I’m still not completely down with the idea that Clay biting Elena was a loving and heroic act (a desperate act driven by love, sure). The bite was still an almost definite death sentence. She was saved by a freak of nature, really. Still, it was always going to be Clay.

Logan and Rachel, meanwhile, check in to a nearby hotel after leaving Stonehaven. It’s a dump, but Logan promises they’ll be off to the Caribbean soon. He goes out to get a pizza, leaving Rachel alone, but we soon find out that he actually went back to Stonehaven to help prepare for the impending attack by the mutts. I guess he figured Rachel would be safer at the hotel, but he seems to constantly forget that Rachel is a human who lived a peaceful, comfortable life just a couple of days before and therefore is not on constant alert like a wolf. When she gets tired of waiting for Logan to come back, she goes to out get a snack herself (I mean, really, Logan? Telling your pregnant partner that you’ll be back soon with food and taking off? Logan may be one of the good ones, but that’s pretty bad).

Santos and the mysterious James Williams meet to discuss the attack on Stonehaven. Whoever Williams is, he intimidates the hell out of the usually arrogant Santos. Santos looks like a bullied kid opposite Williams. In fact, when he goes to meet Karl and Leblanc after, he tries one of Williams’ lines about ruining his Italian leather shoes to meet them. The line doesn’t fly with the sophisticated Karl — this just isn’t Santos’ day, and it’s hard not to feel the tiniest bit of sympathy for the ruthless bastard.

Wasn't there something about a pizza?

Wasn’t there something about a pizza?

Back at Stonehaven, the pack — which has dwindled down to Jeremy, Nick, Clay, Elena, and Logan, prepare for the attack. Jeremy piles up books and papers from the pack’s archives and orders Nick to burn it all if Stonehaven falls. Nick resists — it’s centuries of history that can never be replaced — but he’s loyal to Jeremy. Jeremy shows him a hidden room behind the archive and tells him to go through it to escape if he has to set it on fire. Nick is surprised that there are secret places in Stonehaven he doesn’t know about, making it clear that the Alpha holds more secrets than even his close confidants know.

The pack has been tracing Santos’ car via the GPS on Elena’s phone, which she shoved between the seats in the last episode, so they know when the mutts have reached Stonehaven. They go out, ready for a fight, but find no one outside. Just as they start to regroup, a figure runs out of the woods and into the clearing. It’s Rachel, bound in duct tape. As the pack moves toward her, a turned mutt runs out toward them. Jeremy kills the mutt handily by flinging an axe at it, and they bring Rachel inside, where Logan hides her in a closet. Rachel is pissed, and she should be, but there’s no time to argue. The siege begins, as expected, with small explosives thrown through the windows. That’s followed by some of Santos’ minions, one of whom appears to be Samuel Boggs, the mutt whose claws and teeth Clay ripped out in Episode 6. Boggs or not, the mutt has been de-fanged and wears shiny gold dentures.

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