Archie Comics To Kill Off Beloved Character

Life With Archie #36 (1)

Life with Archie #36

Archie Comics has revealed that their beloved character Archie Andrews will die in the concluding issues of Life with Archie. In Life with Archie, a series which takes place during Archie’s adult years, Archie will sacrifice his life to save a friend. Archie Comics Publisher and Co-CEO Jon Goldwater had this to say about the upcoming issue:

We’ve been building up to this moment since we launched Life with Archie five years ago, and knew that any book that was telling the story of Archie’s life as an adult had to also show his final moment. Archie has and always will represent the best in all of us—he’s a hero, good-hearted, humble and inherently honorable. This story is going to inspire a wide range of reactions because we all feel so close to Archie. Fans will laugh, cry, jump off the edge of their seats and hopefully understand why this comic will go down as one of the most important moments in Archie’s entire history. It’s the biggest story we’ve ever done, and we’re supremely proud of it.

Following the events of Life with Archie #36, written by series regular Paul Kupperberg, the story will jump ahead one year in issue #37. Life with Archie #37 will give readers an update on Archie’s friends and show how they have dealt with Archie’s death one year later. Both issues will be released on their normal monthly schedule and will be available in magazine format as well as collected in one trade paperback.

Life with Archie #36 will be on sale this July 2014. To commemorate this tragic upcoming event both issues #36 and #37 will have multiple variant covers drawn by some today’s top comic book artists. Check them out below.

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