Da Vinci’s Demons S02 Ep03 – The Voyage of the Damned

This week’s episode opens with Riario trying to take charge of one of King Ferrante’s slave ships. But how can this be Riario if he’s already heading to the New World on board the Basilisk? Well, I didn’t think of this when I watched the episode so I fell for it. Leo never fails to surprise me. However, Alfonso is not that easy to deceive. I like the part when he and Da Vinci introduce themselves: “I’m Leonardo Da Vinci. Revolutionary painter, artist, and visionary of the Republic of Florence.” – Florentine pride, for the win! I underestimated Alfonso a bit because I thought Leo would defeat him on the first try. Obviously, I was wrong. So what does Leonardo do now? He shows everyone why he calls himself a visionary. The solution to his problem lies within aquatic creatures. After observing them, he builds a precursor of the submarine. After nearly asphyxiating and drowning, Leo and Zo are back on Alfonso’s ship and this time they manage to take it over with the help of Vespucci and the slaves.

Lorenzo and Clarice argueBack in Florence, the Medicis must face the consequences of their city’s excommunication. Lorenzo and Clarice argue as they blame each other for the bad decisions that have brought them here. In my mind, Lorenzo is the one at fault: trusting Lucrezia (and not doubting her for a single moment) instead of Giuliano and Becchi. Lorenzo has no choice but to travel to Naples and confront King Ferrante. He can’t just stand there doing nothing, waiting for Leonardo’s return. Da Vinci might never come back. Who knows what lies ahead of him?

Vanessa is still living at the Palazzo, clearly unhappy. You could say that her life belongs to her no more. This is what happens when a commoner bears the heir to the throne.

Lucrezia meets with LupoMeanwhile, Lucrezia reveals her secret to Lupo Mercuri in an attempt to become allies: he finds out that Pope Sixtus is in fact an usurper, the true pope being imprisoned in Castel Sant’Angelo. Much to Lupo’s surprise, Lucrezia tells him that she is none other than the prisoner’s daughter. Even though I’m not too fond of Lucrezia, I’m happy that she is finally focusing on releasing her father. I hope to see her and Lupo plotting against the Pope in the future episodes.

Shocking moment of the episode: the return of Cosimo’s bastard son. I was like: “OK…and your role in the story is?” This new character is a bit weird, really. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. I mean, he hears that his beloved city and family are in danger and runs to help? OK, if you say so.

In conclusion, Da Vinci and Zo are finally on their way to the New World and the next episode should be even more exciting than the previous three.

So, what do you think of “The Voyage of the Damned”? Let us know in the comments.