Elementary S2 Ep19 – The Many Mouths of Aaron Coleville

Gregson, Joan, and Sherlock visit Mrs. Coleville at her home, under the premise of already having an offer for her. While Mrs. Coleville is calling her lawyer, Sherlock sneaks away and finds a suspicious set of dentures hidden in a lockbox under her bed, but which he claims were in plain sight. Mrs. Coleville does a spectacular job of incriminating herself after that, and tells them that the dentist who made the dentures modeled off Aaron Coleville contacted her before his death and told her of the possibility that her Sherlock discovers a suspicious pair of dentures.son was actually innocent. She then killed the two victims to facilitate the law suit against the city.

Joan shreds the copies of Dr. Fleming’s surgical history, still feeling guilty for thinking about justice for Coleville’s victims instead of doing her job as a surgeon and treating whoever it was that came through the doors of her OR, without judgement. Sherlock comments that it sounds more like the job description of a consulting detective, though.


This was definitely one of the better episodes in season 2 of Elementary. It was lovely to see a case that was undoubtedly Joan’s. Most cases the two consulting detectives stumble upon, whenever it has something to do with either of them, it’s more often than not Sherlock. He gets to do all the talking, all the interviewing, have all the internal struggles, but this time, it’s Joan’s turn. It was great to see more of her past as a surgeon and also see a vulnerable, uncertain side of her, since most of the time, she’s very self-assured and confident. Like any other good character, though, she’s got a few skeletons in her closet, and I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of them in future episodes.

I was also happy with the mention made of Ms. Hudson, even though we haven’t seen her in OVER A SEASON AND A HALF (OMFG WHERE ARE YOU, YOU AMAZING WOMAN???) and the appearance of Clyde in a shark turtle cozy (because how adorable!). Sherlock’s brother Mycroft was also mentioned in passing. Perhaps something more could be made out of these little hints and appearances (wink wink nudge nudge Elementary writers), as we move closer and closer to the season finale? I’m taking this as a good sign.

Joan waits for Everyone to show up, and looks adorable doing it.

Can we get more of this, please, writers?

One major problem with Elementary‘s sophomore season thus far is that it has no overarching plot like the first season did with Irenarty. You could pretty much watch all the second season episodes in almost any order you wanted and have it make as much narrative sense as it does now. Besides the first few episodes in London, and the one with Lestrade, none of the episodes have any threads holding them together, which makes the show as a whole, like a chain broken up into singular links, that much weaker.

Where’s the intrigue? What are the big looming questions? Who are these characters and how have they changed since the beginning of the season? A good show always presents you with questions and promises answers, usually presenting and answering a few of them during each season, but this season Elementary has done none of that, which is pretty freaking disappointing.

I would die on a battlefield for Lucy Liu, and I love Jonny Lee Miller, but their acting is basically the only thing holding the show together, and the lack of development in the plot of this season is really starting to bother me. We’re nearly at the end of it now, and since the show has been picked up for a third season, it’s still got a chance to redeem itself, but who knows if the audience will stick around for it?

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