Season Five of Glee Reduces Episodes by Two

The changing landscape of Glee sees one more change this year.

The changing landscape of Glee sees one more alteration this year.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, season five of Glee has been reduced from twenty-two to twenty episodes. After the passing of star Cory Monteith (Finn) over the summer, Glee struggled to adjust to the loss of such a lynch pin character. There were production delays before the season started, leaving them finishing up their final episodes just under the wire.

There is speculation that Glee will extend their sixth – and final – season by two extra episodes, to make up the forty-four episode order Fox placed with them to wrap up the pop culture sensation. No word on that just yet.

While ratings have lagged (along with most other Fox programming), Glee still commands advertising dollars and social media chatter. The final season should bring extra attention on both these fronts, making an extended season a good way to capitalize on those opportunities.

One other note – and this one’s fun – actor Chris Colfer (Kurt) has penned episode 19 of the series, entitled “Old Dog, New Tricks.” No word yet on the summary, but we’ll be looking forward to an insider’s view of the Glee world.

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