Bitten Cast Teases Season 1 Finale and Beyond

image003With the Season 1 Finale just days away, SyFy pulled three of Bitten‘s stars — Laura Vandervoort (Elena), Greyston Holt (Clay), and Greg Bryk (Jeremy) — together for a press call to talk about the first season, the finale, and what the second season might have in store. If you want to go into the finale completely cold, don’t read on.

So what can fans expect in the season finale? A few teasers:

  • There will be a Clay and Elena tub scene — one of Greyston’s favorite scenes of the series
  • Every surviving wolf — 13 of them — will engage in an epic “Ballet of Violence,” in Greg’s words
  • Possible side-switching
  • “Huge shock at the end of the episode,” says Laura. Huge. And brutal.
  • “Tremendous closure,” according to Greg. But it’s not an end; with the closure of the smaller story, a larger story begins. “The monsters under the bed are an army of monsters outside the window.”

As for Season 2 speculation, the cast seems confident that Jeremy, and the pack, will get with the times as far as Logan and Rachel and their unborn werewolf baby go. Though whether that means they’ll be progressive enough not to kill Rachel after giving birth or whether they’ll allow Rachel, a human, to live among the pack with Logan and the baby remains to be seen (that is, if Logan returns to Stonehaven at all). In any event, the times are changing.

The cast hopes for more exploration of Clay’s backstory, and of Jeremy’s character. Greyston might be shipping Jeremy and the Sheriff just a bit (IKR?), but Greg would like Jeremy to be caught off guard, finding somebody completely unexpected. (That could still be the Sheriff, just sayin’.) Does all this mean that Jeremy might actually fall in love next season? Considering the kind of laws he has to lay down, it would be fitting.

Bonus Fun Facts!

  • Greg Byrk played a werewolf hunter in 2010’s Red: Werewolf Hunter — which used the same manor as the one used as Bitten‘s Stonehaven exterior.
  • Greyston Holt’s first scene for Bitten was a nude scene (I said fun, not shocking).
  • Laura Vandervoort grew up in martial arts — but for Bitten, she observes wild animals as inspiration for her human fight scenes.
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