RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

How do we conclude such a wonderful episode? Rachel Berry, on stage in a spotlight, crooning the stunningly beautiful “People” by Barbra Streisand from the Funny Girl soundtrack. Interspersed with her performance are scenes of Kurt and Blaine – hand in hand, buying flowers from a vendor and looking blissfully happy; Sam and Mercedes – putting up paintings, then smiling at each other as they head out the steps of their new apartment; Artie on the subway, secure and confident as he listens to music; Rachel walking amongst the New York crowd – then finally all of them in the loft, drinking and laughing around their dinner table. They toast and we share the sentiment.

Welcome to New New York guys.

Voice of Reason and Rock Star, Elliot Gilbert!

Voice of Reason and Rock Star, Elliot Gilbert!

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Lea Michele was in rare comedic form in this episode.  Chris Colfer’s expressions during mime class – A+.

What made me sniffle: Kurt and Blaine making difficult relationship decisions with love and maturity. Kurt sniffled and so did I.

What made me side-eye: Nothing. At all. Someone mark down this day forever.

What I’m listening to on repeat: The whole EP for this episode. Gems, every last one.

What I’m looking forward to next week: New York isn’t just fun and games, unfortunately.

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