RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

Rachel escapes the town car and into the subways - proving she's learned a good lesson from Artie.

Rachel escapes the town car and into the subways – proving she’s learned a good lesson from Artie.

As Artie tries to work up the courage to get back on the subway, Rachel joins him. He’s right – she’s hiding herself away, and now – since the mugging – so is he. Therefore they will become subway buddies and he can remind her when she’s not being a real person. To celebrate they sing another Petula Clark song, “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” complete with a car full of real New Yorkers aka background dancers. Rachel and Artie as duet partners? What a great idea. The smaller cast actually means more duet and group possibilities and this is our first hint about how fun it can be.

Sam gets a tour of modeling housing – it’s small but Sam’s excited. New beginnings and modeling careers woo!

Back at the Bushwick Loft of Shadows, Kurt sits alone as Blaine enters. Apparently Elliot let Kurt know when Blaine left his apartment – six hours ago. Blaine, it seems, took the time to take a water taxi to the Statue of Liberty. He needed to think and he thinks maybe he should move out of the loft.

What follows is a lovely, mature discussion between the boys about their decision. Moving in together – under less than ideal circumstances ie: roommates – without exploring the pros and cons was a mistake. They need space – Blaine needs space to find his place in the city. They aren’t breaking up – far from it. The boys are tearful as Kurt wants Blaine to know how precious he considers their relationship. They kiss tenderly…and then celebrate their un-cohabitation and mature actions by having the “hottest make up sex ever.”

Side bar: How incredible is this new era of Kurt and Blaine? Easy physical affection, duets, angst, resolutions, showing improved communication? “New Klaine” is more like it.

Sam’s bunk mate is a girl model named Sam and things are going swimmingly until she starts down the road of “pharmacy in a purse.” Things to perk up, things to lose weight, things to make you sleep. As she goes through the litany, Sam recognizes the danger of this place and gathers his stuff.

He’s outta there.

Side bar: Sometimes all you need is a small moment to show character growth and this was a good one for Sam. Earlier this season, we saw Sam crumble under criticism and think he had to lose weight in order to succeed. When faced with the reality of this world, Sam removes himself from the danger without absorbing it.

Kurt and Blaine are doing their homework together at the table in the Bushwick Loft of Resolved Tensions (with Sam chilling on the sofa) when Artie and Rachel burst in with an incredible story. While on the subway, they spotted Artie’s mugger who was making a move on an elderly lady’s bag! Artie pepper-sprayed the bad guy, the police were called, and apparently the mugger is a hoarder and they found Artie’s backpack! Victory is his!

Blaine breaks the news that he’s moving out – and they’re not breaking up, as reassurance – maybe he can move into Sam’s modeling housing? No, Sam’s in the same boat so maybe they can move into together. Blam! This resolution moment is so great – what about a surprise guest?


Seems like Ms. Jones was lonely in the Big Orange so she convinced her label to send her to Brooklyn (and a cute brownstone) for some inspiration. And now Blaine and Kurt are moving her in as Rachel checks her phone and Artie watches from the street. Inside? Sam is putting together furniture and chatting with Mercedes. Alone.

They chat, Mercedes needs some nerds from back home for her second bedroom and hey, Sam and Blaine are nerds in the need of a bedroom! Blamcedes! As for the hot chemistry between them? Mercedes votes for just friends and quickly stops an agreeing Sam’s kiss.

Friends, suuuure guys. Suuuure.

Side bar: Let us rejoice at the return of Ms Mercedes Jones and another round of Sam and Mercedes!

It’s sound and mic check day so Rachel is off to the theatre – but she will see everyone for Monday’s group dinner at the Bushwick Loft of Communal Hospitality! She screams for a taxi, and earns another awesome gold star for comedy. Lea, you are on fire.

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