RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

Hey, it’s Adam Lambert! The music store which doubles as a performance space for Elliot and Kurt is hosting them yet again, as Elliot goes on about a Great Big World song he thinks would be great for the band (which is now down to him and Kurt since Dani has turned to vapor apparently) but Kurt isn’t listening. He unburdens to his friend – Blaine is everywhere and it’s driving him crazy. Too much togetherness is making him feel trapped. Plus, Blaine brought in an unauthorized couch, which turned out to have bed bugs and frankly Kurt is starting to worry that it’s a metaphor for their relationship.

Elliot – taking over as Burt Hummel’s Voice of Klaine Narrative – assures Kurt that at first he was like, Engaged?! That’s crazy. But after seeing him and Blaine together, he sees how they feel about each other and how solid it is and he’s well, a little jealous. Loving someone doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries. And also Kurt needs to rehearse with him because well, there’s only them and their venue seems to be reduced to this store.

Elliot and Kurt then rock the space to “Rockstar” by Great Big World. Everyone joins in, Kurt crowd surfs, and it’s a big happy number that means nothing in the narrative except “Adam Lambert is super talented and should sing a lot.” Which is an excellent reason to sing a song.

Sealed in the town car with Dmitri, Rachel thinks about what Artie said. There’s no air, no interactions with New Yorkers. She’s Rapunzel in the tower! How can she be a great actress if she has no life experience? She has Dmitri stop the car and gets out – she’ll get some tea, go to an herbalist! Rachel smiles as she walks down the crowded street.

At the Bushwick Loft of Metaphors, Blaine is making a space for himself by taping off space for a desk. He’s going to snatch his “Corner of the Sky” – bonus points for a Pippin reference! – and make some boundaries.

Sam comes home with a big smile on his face. After being assured no one died in the taped off squares Blaine is making, he announces he’s got a modeling gig (padded underwear for men!) and he’s moving out, into modeling housing! Why that’s great news – except Blaine looks a little sad that his bestie is leaving.

Kurt enters and almost immediately loses his cool. What is Blaine doing!? He has to put everything back where it was before! He can’t go around changing Kurt’s space.

Uh oh.

This launches a fight that takes a left turn when Kurt mentions Elliot – who Blaine doesn’t seem to like all that much. Blaine storms out…

…and over to Elliot’s apartment.

By now, Elliot should learn not to open his door because on the other side might be a dramatic angry person from Ohio. This time it’s Blaine, who is steaming mad.

“Oh God, you’re not trying to move in here are you?” Elliot asks and no, Blaine is here to tell Elliot to back off his fiance, who he is clearly trying to steal. Now he might not be a glitter rock vampire with thick full hair, but Blaine loves Kurt and he won’t stand by and let Elliot take him away. After having dealt with Rachel, Elliot can handle this. He hands Blaine a guitar (like a body pillow, something to hold onto) and sits him down for More Straight Talk, Burt Hummel Style.

While Kurt is cute, Elliot is not interested in him that way. Also? Kurt is madly in love with Blaine and everyone can see that. In fact, he never shuts up about him. Blaine apologizes and then we get a huge chunk of Blaine characterization that really sets the tone for his arc in New York City.

Blaine loves Kurt so much – he wants to catch up with him, with them, after they’ve spent so much time apart. Unfortunately, the more he tries, the more he pushes Kurt away. Elliot advises him to set some boundaries, because this is a tough city. People need space to breathe. (Relationships too.) Blaine says, “I guess I’ve always seen boundaries as walls instead of places to grow in.”

Then Elliot and Blaine are replaced by Adam Lambert and Darren Criss, and create a little song about a “glitter vampire” which is adorable and clearly an improvised moment between real life friends. A perfect cap to the scene.

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