RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

Artie is navigating NYC in his wheelchair; while taxis and buses are accessible to him, he wants to join “real New Yorkers” in the subways, full of music, and people and life – and a guy on crutches who steals his backpack. His backpack which contains the laptop and therefore the only copy of his script. Artie is dejected.

Back at the loft, Blaine comes home to find his bestie sitting around playing video games in his underwear. Seems like the modeling thing is not working out and Sam is broke. He’s also lost his mojo (and refuses to lose his ragged ponytail) which Blaine decides to help him reignite.

What’s that Blaine? A song in your pocket? Do go on.

Blaine takes Sam to Times Square where he sings American Author’s earworm hit “Best Day of My Life” to get Sam’s enthusiasm about NYC revved up. This is East Coast Blam and it’s just as fun as Ohio Blam. They sing and bop around with a dance crew, do some street drumming – the usual. It seems to work because Sam is smiling big by the last note – he’s going to take advantage of this great city and make himself successful.

Kurt is feeling like the glass box is real. So so real.

Kurt is feeling like the glass box is real. So so real.

Hey look, it’s NYADA! That’s right, Kurt goes to school there, and is currently in a master mime class, following along with the instructor’s recitation of classic bits. Suddenly Kurt realizes Blaine is across the room and how did his freshman fiance end up in this class? Oh not just this class, Blaine assures him. He’s gotten permission from Carmen to be in six out of Kurt’s eight classes! How exciting!

Or you know, not. As Marcel Marceau’s illegitimate son describes the mime trapped in a box, Kurt’s expression says it all. He’s going to get an A+ on that once because he is feeling hemmed into a small space with his fiance.

Side bar: Such a terrific use of the class, the instructor’s lines and physical comedy from Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. No need to have this duo just sit and smile at each other – give them bigger material and they’ll rise to the occasion.

Sam has taken the gel-loving, bow-tie wearing Blaine’s advice and gets his hair cut. With a sexy new style, he’s ready to take on the modeling world! And heck – the whole world! No more waiting for good things to come to him – he’s out to get them himself.

Artie's making his way in the Big Apple.

Artie’s making his way in the Big Apple.

At the Bushwick Hub of Communications, Artie is on the phone with the police about his stolen backpack and the police aren’t tripping over themselves to send out a squad of investigators. Kurt is freaking out and the arrival of the rest of the group doesn’t help. Blaine is making noise with his soda machine, Rachel is having a severe diva moment and no one seems to be paying attention to Artie. You can actually see smoke coming out of Kurt’s ears.

Sidebar: Lea Michele’s comedic work this season cannot be overlooked. Her timing in this scene, with so much else going on, is tremendous and she gets some great help from a background Darren Criss. Their exchange over Meyer lemons is all in the expressions. Bonus Chris Colfer doing exasperation like he’s got a degree in it.

Artie gets particularly annoyed at Rachel and tells her to take her fake concern and shove it. She’s not even a real person anymore, hermetically sealed in her fancy town car, away from real life.

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