RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

Some folks from Ohio have joined Kurt and Rachel in NYC - and in song.

Some folks from Ohio have joined Kurt and Rachel in NYC – and in song.

A new day has dawned on Glee as their fifth season takes a serious left turn with six episodes to go (they’re scheduled for twenty instead of twenty-two this year). We’ve left Ohio behind, as New Directions were officially disbanded, Mr. Schue was headed to Vocal Addrenaline for an interview and the seniors have graduated. What’s up next? “New New York.”

If “Purple Piano Project” and “The New Rachel” got married and had a baby, “New New York” might be it. Our theme is space and boundaries – finding it, making it your own, managing it with the people you love. With our cast down to a new and dynamic core, everyone is trying to figure out this strange new world of NYC and adulthood.

This felt like a season opener or a pilot and in a way it is; the Glee world is forever changed. Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Artie and Mercedes are navigating a new world, and entirely without a white board telling them exactly what lesson they should learning. And in this first episode, they do a pretty good job.

We open with Rachel in front of the Funny Girl marquee. Time has clearly passed has it’s early Winter (no snow but chilly) – Rachel has returned from doing previews on the road and her producer, Sidney, wants to show his appreciation for her patience and general good trooperness. Her reward? A town car and driver (Dmitri) at her disposal for the foreseeable future! Niiice. Rachel is delighted and directs her new driver to where she can meet her friends.

Where would Ms. Berry like to go? leads up to our first song, the delightful “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Coming from five separate directions, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Artie and Sam all take verses of the song, meeting up one by one until the four guys spot Rachel exiting her new ride. It’s a joyful, perfectly sung introduction to this changed landscape – more Friends than Smash at the end of the day.

It also kicks off an absolutely spectacular episode and soundtrack. Things are looking good.

Rachel explains her new status (It’s like living in a high-end coffee commercial) and decides to take the boys to lunch, to thank them for being so great to her and moving her back in the loft (she didn’t help cause stuff is heavy). And Dmitri can drive them! Unfortunately there’s no room for Artie’s wheelchair so he and Sam promise to meet them there as Rachel, Blaine and Kurt take off in the car. Are we already seeing the divisions in the group?

Domestic bliss for Kurt and Blaine means a duet in your underwear! Yay freedom!

Domestic bliss for Kurt and Blaine means a duet in your underwear! Yay freedom!

No divisions back at the Bushwick Loft of Everyone. Kurt and Blaine are cuddled in bed together; Blaine gets up before the alarm to prepare breakfast in bed for his love – and when Kurt blearily joins him, we learn he’s been doing this since he moved in, months ago. Kurt worries they’re turning into an old married couple – they’re always together, from morning til night. Blaine has a song in his pocket (well, his underwear) and we are treated to another charming duet from our favorite power couple.

Frank Sinatra’sYou Make Me Feel So Young” may not make the most sense for two teenagers but they’re mature for their age, right? Also they sound glorious so we’ll skip the lyrics and just enjoy their gorgeous harmonies and montage of them being sweetly domestic. Fixing the bed, pillow fights, picking out each other’s clothes, ballroom dancing – what is this madness? It ends with Kurt pushing his fiance onto the couch and climbing on board – until they are interrupted by the couch-surfing Sam, who needs a shower after his run and steals the ice cream.

Kurt is furious. It’s time for Blaine to tell his bestie to move out.

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