Bitten S1 Ep12 — Caged

Clay is the last member of the Bitten pack who wants to be captured by the mutts. We’ve witnessed his special brand of brutality on captured mutts, and now he’s in the mutt Santos’ hands after a botched attack on Philip and Elena’s apartment. No surprise that Santos has a few rounds of torture planned, Lethal Weapon style.  Santos calls Elena, who has returned to Stonehaven with Jeremy and Nick, and gives Clay a few jolts from a jumper cable attached to a car battery to show he means business. He tells Elena to meet him the next day at the diner, alone. Jeremy, of course, is not down with this, but now that the whole Philip thing is pretty much over and done with,  (at least for now), she seems to be accepting her rekindled feelings for Clay and is totally determined to rescue him.

Speaking of Clay, this is the episode where Elena learns that Clay bit her to “give her a chance” after Jeremy mistakenly thought she saw him change her first day there. He was going to kill her, per pack law. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a revelation to the viewers — I think we could piece it together — but for Elena, it seems to have changed everything. I’m not sure why, though. How was it giving her a chance when it was fully believed that women could not survive the change, ever? I could see her seeing it that way if she was also told that there were other female werewolves out there. As it was, it just seems like Clay decided to beat Jeremy to the punch. But Elena found it romantic.

Rachel has no idea what she's gotten into

Rachel has no idea what she’s gotten into

Logan, who was planning on getting as far away from Stonehaven as he could with Rachel and their unborn baby, has no choice but to return because he was badly injured when Karl and LeBlanc attacked him at home. Rachel brought him. Now, Rachel is safe as she can be at Stonehaven at the moment, because she’s carrying a werewolf and they all know it, but it’s still bad news. Rachel is shuffled away so she doesn’t see anything. While she sleeps, Jeremy sits with the recovering Logan, and talks about the baby as if he’s his own — which, of course, he considers it to be. He calmly tells Logan that a parent’s duty is to protect his child, and the only way to protect the baby is to raise him in the pack. The issue of what will happen to Rachel is sidestepped.

When Elena tries to leave to meet Santos the next day, Jeremy throws her in the cage in the basement and goes with Nick to meet Santos, intending to offer to sacrifice himself to save Clay, a plan Elena thinks will kill them both. Rachel hears Elena banging on the bars and tries to enter the basement, but Logan stops her. He goes down himself and lets her out, then takes off with Rachel.

Santos never learns

Santos never learns

The freed Elena hijacks the plan, leaving Jeremy and Nick stood up at the diner; she meets Santos alone. He wants her to be his mate and create a race of super werewolf babies. She asks for Philip’s safety. He tells her Victor Olsen is already on his way to kill Philip, who’s in the hospital after the attack on the apartment. If Elena ever considered it, the deal is off. She rushes to the hospital in time to abduct Victor, who she takes to her and Philip’s apartment to torture him in the tub for information about Clay’s location. As she slices his veins open, she hears Philip come in. He still loves and wants to protect her, but she knows she will only bring him danger. She convinces him to leave, then returns to Victor, whose wounds she’d tied up. When she finally gets the information about Clay, she unties the bandages and leaves him to bleed to death. It’s probably the most justified killing on the show yet — remember, Victor molested her as a child — but Elena is wracked with guilt all the same. She never wanted to be an executioner.

Elena rescues Clay and brings him back to Stonehaven. This is when she learns that Clay bit her in an attempt to save her. As she cuddles upstairs with the unconscious Clay, Jeremy and Nick discuss the possibility that Santos is just a pawn in this game. They turn their attention to Williams, the mystery man who set up Elena’s opening/trap. And they should: Williams is in the process of ordering Santos to attack Stonehaven as they speak.


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