The Musketeers S01 Ep10 – Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

Ending scene

So here we are, at the end of season 1 of The Musketeers. Thank God there will be another one. Time has passed so fast, really. Even though I had my theories for the season finale, it still surprised me. For a moment I forgot about the “d’Artagnan is going to trick Milady” theory, so I really thought that Athos, Aramis, Porthos, and Treville abandoned him (my God, that made me so sad). You have no idea how relieved I felt when we learned that it was nothing but a very clever plan!

Milady and Athos

To put it briefly, the season finale is the continuation of “Knight Takes Queen”. Treville and his most trusted men are after the Cardinal and Milady, because they know that these two were behind the assassination attempt. Solid proof is needed, so they come up with an excellent plan to unmask the two villains. Much to my surprise, Milady takes the bait. So much for her sharp intelligence. However, my cunning Milady doesn’t let me down completely. She has an ace up her sleeve: a kidnapped Constance turns the musketeers into Milady’s puppets. That doesn’t last for long, though.

Our heroes get rid of Sarazin’s men easily and confront Milady, whom Athos lets go. I didn’t see that coming, to be honest. I knew that Athos still had feelings for her (by the way, in this episode he calls her “Anne” again), but I never expected him to let her go, anywhere, never to return to Paris (or else…). She obviously still has feelings for him too: “The world seemed diminished without you” It’s just that too many things happened between them. Neither of them can put everything aside and move on. I’ve always liked them as a couple, but they’ll never be together again. This is made pretty clear by Athos’s gesture: he no longer wears her locket (that he has worn since Milady’s supposed death). He doesn’t even keep it somewhere. I’m sure this feels like redemption to Athos. I’m so happy that he manages to leave his dark past behind, even though he is teary-eyed when he sees her go.

I never thought I would grow to like Milady. I like her for being smart, cunning, always outsmarting the others. But I also like her for her soft side. Even after Athos had almost killed her, she still loved him, and I think that everything changed when she saw that he still wore her locket (remember that in the pilot she was waiting impatiently for him to be executed).

The funeral scene is hilarious, and awww, Porthos even sheds a few tears. They are more than brothers-in-arms, more than friends. They are brothers. This is proved once more during the scene when they’re getting ready for the final confrontation with Milady: “All for one and one for all!” They’ve said it, alright.

As far as the other villain is concerned, the Cardinal is incredibly stupid in this episode too. How could he say the truth out loud? Think, Cardinal, think! I cracked up when I realized they tricked Richelieu, as Anne heard everything. This is one of the best scenes of the season finale. I felt so content seeing the Cardinal kneeling before the Queen, humiliated. However, I was a bit disappointed in Anne. She should have destroyed him like a cockroach, because he’s a very dangerous man and he won’t take this humiliation lightly. His evil smile (by the way, it creeped me out) when he sees Aramis and Anne is the best proof. I think he puts everything together and realizes that Aramis really may be the father of the Queen’s child. Unfortunately, Peter Capaldi won’t be back for season 2 but I think they might replace him, so the Cardinal will seek to track down Aramis and Anne. However, the show would be a bit boring without a new villain.

Now that I come to think of it, it seems that the couples from this show are doomed. In season 1, at least. Check out the two couples that have lasted throughout the entire season: d’Artagnan/Constance and Aramis/Queen Anne.

d'Artagnan and Constance kissI was 100% sure that d’Artagnan and Constance would get back together. There was no reason for any of the viewers to think otherwise. And then we found out that her husband tried to commit suicide (I’m not so sure, though) and guess what: his emotional blackmail worked. That’s unbelievably stupid and unacceptable. I know Constance would feel guilty, but it wouldn’t be her fault. In such cases, one is not guilty of the other’s suicide. I was about to cry when d’Artagnan and Constance said goodbye:”It was a beautiful dream.” They are a beautiful couple and they love each other so much, so I hope they’ll get back together in season 2.

When it comes to the other couple, remember that in “Knight Takes Queen” Anne swims in a fertility lake and later sleeps with Aramis at the convent? Well, she’s pregnant. I figured it out when Anne told the Cardinal that “her influence with the King is stronger than he can possibly imagine” Her pregnancy was predictable, but I was in denial the past week. Why? Aramis has already suffered so much (him and Athos are alike from this point of view) and this pregnancy will do nothing but break his heart. He has basically lost two babies: Isabelle’s and now Anne’s. This is why the writers chose him to be the one helping Agnes and little Henry.Aramis and Queen Anne The next season will be excruciating for Aramis: he won’t be able to hold his newborn baby, tuck him in, play with him, hug and kiss him as he pleases – these little things that make parents happy. He won’t call him “son” and his son will never call him “father”. When the King announces the pregnancy, Aramis is shocked, like he can’t believe what’s happening. By the way, Athos’s sideways looks are hilarious, like: ”Oh my God, look what you’ve done! The future king of France is your son!” Then came the first scene of the series to make me cry: Aramis and Anne’s conversation. I think that Anne wanted to talk to him so that she could “tell’ him that she was bearing her child. While Anne smiled at least a bit, Aramis didn’t. Not for a single moment. Sadness, helplessness, and desolation were written on his face. You have no idea how sorry I felt for him. He and Anne really deserve to be happy after all they’ve been through.

To conclude, I must say that I absolutely love this show and I was so happy when I found out that it had been renewed. I can’t wait for season 2! I just fell in love with this show.

So, what do you think about the season finale? What about the entire season? Voice your opinions in the comments below!