Arrow S2 Ep17 – Birds of Prey

Arrow S2 Ep17 - Birds of Prey

Jessica De Gouw (Dracula) returns to Arrow as Helena Bertinelli/Huntress in “Birds of Prey”, an episode borrowing the title from one of DC’s popular publications. The title “Birds of Prey” holds a lot of weight to it. Having gone through three separate incarnations, the DC publication has been around for well over a decade and has featured several female characters including Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, and others. This episode featured the Arrow versions of two of those three characters, so there is a certain level of expectation for the fans watching it. Does “Birds of Prey” meet those expectations? Let’s find out.

Arrow S2 Ep17 - Birds of Prey

Detective Lance gets in on the action

The episode kicks off with Arrow and Canary intervening in a police mafia raid led by Detective Lance. After shots are fired and villains are tossed through windows they discover that among the mobsters is Frank Bertinelli, father of Helena Bertinelli/Huntress. With Frank Bertinelli back in town his vengeful daughter is soon to follow. Now it’s up to Team Arrow to get to Huntress before she gets to her father.

Meanwhile, Laurel has been readmitted into her old firm to take on Frank Bertinelli’s case. As it turns out, Laurel was given this task for no reason whatsoever, as Bertinelli is only used as bait so the cops can take out Huntress. As planned, Huntress arrives at the courthouse but not without backup. She’s hired several henchmen with guns to take the cops out while she attempts to capture her father. It quickly turns into a hostage situation, with Laurel still on the inside and Frank Bertinelli making it out alive.

Despite Ollie telling Sara to stay out of his fight with Huntress, Sara is determined to get in there and get her sister out alive no matter what happens to Huntress. Conversations between Ollie and Sara imply that Sara is ready to kill Huntress to save her sister, just like Ollie was ready to kill Slade for his family. After a battle between Huntress and Canary, Huntress gets the upper hand, leaving Arrow and Canary no other choice but to make a trade with Huntress. Frank Bertinelli for Laurel Lance. While Arrow, Canary, and Detective Lance attempt to make the trade all hell breaks loose when a SWAT officer intervenes and Frank Bertinelli dies in the crossfire. Huntress is thus robbed of her revenge. Later, after the police place Huntress under arrest, she shows a glimmer of hope when she speaks to Ollie about how her father’s death didn’t make her feel any better. She is imprisoned with the guilt of her past mistakes.

While all this action occurs, Roy has been convinced by Ollie to break up with Ollie’s sister Thea. This is due to him being unable to control his Mirakuru rage. Thea refuses to take Roy’s dismissal of her seriously, so the only option Roy can think of is to have Thea catch him cheating. His plan works and by the end of the episode their relationship is over. The episode concludes with a distraught Thea leaving Ollie’s nightclub only to be offered a car ride home from Slade Wilson. She accepts.

“Birds of Prey” showed a lot of promise. Ever since I learned that Huntress was returning to Arrow I was anticipating a triumphant return. I didn’t really like how her character was portrayed in the first season and wanted her to have redemption. The conclusion of “Birds of Prey” definitely gave me hope that Huntress can maybe redeem herself and return as a hero someday.

Arrow S2 Ep17 - Birds of Prey

Canary and Laurel team up

Some things I enjoyed about “Birds of Prey”, in addition to cool action scenes, were the moments between Canary and Laurel. During the hostage situation they do get to team up briefly. While Canary fights Huntress, Laurel tries to free hostages. Though their effort ends up being fruitless I still enjoyed seeing Laurel step up, unknowingly having her sister help her through a bad situation. A situation that almost caused Laurel to start drinking.

In addition to these scenes I enjoyed Thea’s conversation with Ollie at the end. She starts crying over how Roy won’t tell her what’s wrong and how she thinks their mother is still keeping secrets. She concludes by stating that Ollie is the only one in her life who is actually honest with her, which he knows is not true. I felt bad for her. Literally everyone in her life is a liar.

Despite these fine examples of where the show hit the mark, overall I’d say “Birds of Prey” was one of this season’s weaker episodes. I got annoyed with Huntress for the majority of the “Birds of Prey”. There were times when she could’ve easily taken her revenge against her father but in true super villain fashion she wastes time with monologues. Ollie got on my nerves also. He’s sometimes very hypocritical when it comes to who should die and who shouldn’t. He’s willing to kill Slade to protect his family, but doesn’t want Canary to take out Huntress if needed. Another thing that bothered me, and this is a usual occurrence in Arrow, were the island flashback scenes. They were just filler scenes. Time wasters. The arc during the flashback scenes can basically be summed up as Slade trying to get his new boat The Amazo to work.

I also wasn’t pleased with how Roy took Ollie’s advice to break up with Thea almost without hesitation. Roy may have anger issues, but I truly feel Thea keeps him level headed. I know Ollie is worried for Thea’s safety, but his idea to have them break up has literally placed Thea in danger. She is now going to be kidnapped by Slade. Roy would’ve most likely been able to walk her home safely after their nightclub closed. Overall, “Birds of Prey” made me scratch my head at a lot of the choices the characters were making.

In the next episode titled “Deathstroke” we’ll see what happens after Slade kidnaps Thea. Will Ollie save his sister in time? Tune in next week to find out. In the meantime, check out an extended preview of “Deathstroke” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Birds of Prey” in the comments.


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