Supernatural S9 Ep17 – Mother’s Little Helper

This episode was directed by Misha Collins. So obviously it involved nun-on-nun action, soulless people, and guys trying to go to the bathroom with Dean.

The brothers were separated again this episode, which is well passed grating. I think it’s good that things aren’t being waved aside for a quick manly hug and make up between the two, but I hate when they fight. The show is always best when it’s the two brothers against the world, and I hope that they can reconcile by the finale because my fangirl heart can’t take much more of this.

Supernatural s9 ep17--Crowley leaning over Dean's shoulderSam went off to investigate a case while Dean stayed home to catch up on his drinking. He was hitting the bottle hard this episode, but it wasn’t just the problems with him and Sam. The First Blade left quite the impression on him, like a drug that has him jonesing for more. So who better to hang out with than Crowley, Hell’s resident blood addict. As Dean felt sorry for himself and drank enough to induce alcohol poisoning, Crowley did all he could to force soul-searching on him and act like he and Dean were besties. By the end of the night, Dean actually saved Crowley’s life from a hunter—who turned out to be a demon Crowley had set up to test Dean’s loyalty to Crowley. And Dean passed, which doesn’t sound like such a good thing. A devil on his shoulder, bending his ear the whole night at The Milton (I see what you did there), while the song “You’re No Good” plays in the background? This isn’t at all ominous. Crowley has set up Dean’s new addiction, whether or not by accident, and wants Dean to take down Abaddon for him. Is he trying to turn Dean into his very own Winchester puppet? Turn back, Dean, turn back now!

While Dean was cheating on Sam with a demon (oh, how the tables have turned), Sam got treated to some oddly detailed nun flashbacks and an unwelcome reminder of season six (hey, at least it wasn’t season seven). Several people had been arrested after suddenly acting strange by speaking their minds without filtering, acting rashly, and generally acting like particularly violent two-year-olds. Or psychopaths (same thing). One guy stabbed a waitress in the hand while another lady fought against the injustices of the Second Shift by beating her husband to death with a candlestick holder. This odd behavior reminded Sam of how he had acted when he’d lost his soul. He met an ex-nun, Julia, who, in her youth, had conveniently met Sam’s grandfather Henry, and Josie, the woman who would become Abaddon’s meat suit. Julia told Sam all about the time Henry and Josie arrived at her convent, posing as a priest and nun in order to investigate behavior similar to what Sam was looking in to in the present. Henry and Josie secretly discussed their upcoming initiation into the Men of Letters, and either they were talking really loudly or being a nun gives you super hearing because Julia overheard the whole thing.

Supernatural s9 ep17--the possessed Mother Superior dragging a hostage

Oh, those crazy nuns.

The ringleader of the soul harvesting in the past turned out to be none other than Abaddon. And Ab decided to take the opportunity presented to her to spy on the Men of Letters before killing them all. Josie offered herself as a vessel to save Henry from such a fate, because Josie was in love with him. Why must every female character become a love interest in some way? Why? At least they didn’t have Henry forget all about his wife and child by loving Josie back, which would have just been too far. But this does explain how Abaddon was able to infiltrate the Men of Letters. And years later her faithful servants had continued her quest for more souls to create an army of demons who served only Abaddon. But it wasn’t happening only in this small town Sam found. Demon-making factories have been set up all over to build Abaddon’s army. How many does she have now? How many people are wandering around soulless and conscienceless?

After seeing how far Abaddon is willing to go to win the election for Queen of Hell, Sam jumped onto the “let’s kill Abaddon” bus, which puts even more pressure on Dean to get cozy with Crowley so he can use the First Blade. Sam might not be Dean’s brother right now, but they’re now both on the same side when it comes to taking down Abaddon. If only that didn’t give off a feeling of “It’s a trap!” where Crowley is concerned.

Supernatural s9 ep17--Dean brooding

Well done, Misha. Well done.

Pretty good episode. It gave the boys the push to really go after Abaddon by revealing her secret plan for domination, adding an extra menace I hadn’t anticipated with the harvesting and turning of souls. Also, very nice directing on Misha’s part. That scene with Dean alone and brooding was especially beautiful, like watching an ode to Jensen’s hotness. I’d offer Misha a congratulatory pie, but I think he’s had enough of pie for now. Of course, the absolute best part of the entire thing was Sam’s exorcism app. Very handy when a demon is choking you to death. Where can I get one?

Next episode isn’t until April 15, but it looks like the wait may be worth it:


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