Glee S5 Ep13 – “New Directions”

With no other options, Will declares Glee Club over to a sad and somber group. But Holly has got one last thing up her sleeve: a video tribute to Will’s unborn child, as New Directioners past and present share their feelings. In the dark auditorium, Will watches the kids talk about what he has meant to them, as a teacher and a person. Santana and Brittany talk about having a safe space for LGBT youth, Puck talks about his transformation from bully to someone who was nice a majority of the time, Kurt says that Will saved his life – and also reveals his children’s names (Spencer and Tracy, born via surrogate and with Quinn’s eggs) in a cute moment with Blaine and Quinn that harkens back to Ryan Murphy’s now cancelled The New Normal.

Best line goes to Unique: “In the whole wide world you will never meet a man more accepting and open to nature in all its wonder than your father. He’s a gem.”

Even Sue and Holly get some words in, and when the movie ends, it’s not quite over. The screen lifts and Rachel (singing Finn’s part) appears as the first notes of “Don’t Stop Believing” begin. Journey may have recorded it first, but Glee has taken this song and made it into its anthem.

As the song builds, the students congregate on stage. First the original group, then those who joined later on, followed by Sam and Blaine and the rest of the underclassmen. Will jumps into the middle of their singing and dancing, and the number becomes a giant celebration of what Glee is all about: music and friendship. It ends in a giant hug in the middle of the stage.

Jake, Ryder, Marley, Kitty, and Unique move away the last chairs in the choir room. Jake can’t believe Sue won but Marley insists she didn’t. They were a part of something wonderful, and they helped each other grow into better people. No one can take that away from them. They group hug in the center of the room.

Graduation time! Artie, Blaine, Sam, and Tina are called, as is Becky, much to Sue’s obvious delight. Brittany gets a chance to graduate with her friends, thanks to Santana’s string pulling. Even the band guys are suited up in red gowns, ready to move on themselves. After being announced the class of 2013, Tina lets the boys know she isn’t going to New York with them – she got into Brown! They hug happily.

Have a happy ending you two!

Have a happy ending you two!

At the end of the day we know Quick is riding in the sunset; Brittany and Santana are leaving responsibility behind to go on a long vacation; Blaine is going to NYADA and New York with Kurt, Rachel, Artie, and Sam; Holly and April are off to terrorize gay boy cruises; Becky is off to college; Tina is going to Brown; and Sue remains behind at McKinley as Principal.

What about Will? Sue calls him a worthy adversary and when he says he still wants to help kids, she pulls out her final gift. An interview for Will at Carmel High School – as the director of Vocal Adrenaline.

After she leaves, Will is left in the empty choir room. He hears the voices of his students as he takes a final bow then walks slowly out the door. Before he shuts the light, Finn’s voice rings out.

Finn: We wanted to win this for you.

The room goes dark as the laughter of Glee Club echos in the empty room.

It’s the end of an era – the high school days are over and the kids are kicked out of the nest. Everyone is being pushed to another level: college, dreams, adulthood. Will the lessons they learned and friendships made at McKinley be their key for success? One hopes so. One hopes the message of the Ohio years is taken to heart: Don’t stop believing – in yourself, in your friends, and in your dreams.

For sentimental reasons, I’m willing to give some things a pass (though I wished the new kids would have gotten their moment in the sun). As the ending to McKinley Glee, it was a worthy episode, particularly the last twenty minutes. We wrapped up that world and are about to embark on what basically amounts to a spin-off. Rachel and Friends in New York. A new Glee, a new structure, a new set of lessons to be learned. I’m looking forward to what happens next, even if I feel the tug back to the choir room. It was a good run and I will miss Ohio greatly. Thanks for the memories McKinley.

Frenemies no more.

Frenemies no more.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Tina’s “CHUMS” fantasy was amazing.

What made me sniffle: Too much! From the lovely video the kids made for Will’s unborn baby to the final bows in the choir room, echoing with Finn’s words, it was a two tissue night.

What made me side-eye: The last song in the choir room ever was a Quinn/Puck duet? I call foul.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Loser Like Me” was just stunning, as was “Don’t Stop Believing.”

What I’m looking forward to next week: New York, New York!


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