Bitten S1 Ep11 – Settling

Elena is in the crosshairs, and the Bitten pack is starting to crack, with the old school Jeremy and Nick back at Stonehaven, new school Elena and Logan in Toronto, and Clay somewhere in between (figuratively. Physically, he’s in Toronto, too). Clay’s in between Elena and Philip, too.

If you recall, Philip just dumped Elena, a predictable turn of events that upset Elena greatly. Clay tells her the news from Jeremy: she is the primary target of the mutts, and they have to return to Stonehaven immediately. Elena won’t leave until she finds Philip. While they’re discussing this, Philip is at his sister Diane’s. Diane thinks he’s got it all wrong about Clay — he’s her cousin, after all. Philip tells her that they’re not actually cousins. Still, he returns home while Clay and Elena are still talking, and he takes Elena aside, seemingly to confront her. Instead, he tells her he loves her even though he feels like he doesn’t really know her, and asks her to marry him. Honestly, he must really love her to have held on as long as he has, even if it’s not exactly a healthy situation. Elena, who had been so scared of losing him, keeps her head and tells him she can’t give him an answer then. She then sneaks out without telling Clay.

Logan is rightly freaked out about the whole situation.

Logan is rightly freaked out about the whole situation.

In another part of town, Logan is starting to freak out about the baby situation, especially since he’s sure Santos knows. He calls Rachel, who is at the gallery cleaning up after the Elena’s crazy opening. The mutt Karl comes in, pretending to be an art buyer. He doesn’t harm Rachel, but he’s on her trail, along with Santos, who is in the car babysitting Leblanc and Victor. Logan convinces Rachel to come right home because he has a surprise for her. When she gets home, he tells her he’s booked a trip to Jamaica, and they’re leaving that night — he frames it as a sort of “last fling” before the baby, but he’s trying to escape. She tells him to re-book it for the next month so she can make arrangements with work. Unable to pull off a getaway without alarming her, he tells her they have to leave because someone is after them, scaring her. Elena shows up to see Logan, and is alarmed to learn that he doesn’t plan to go back to Stonehaven. She believes the pack can change. He convinces her to support his decision with a speech about family, and she goes up and talks to Rachel, telling her that they need to go into hiding because of mob-like trouble with the family. After she agrees, a grateful Logan suggests that Elena should be the Alpha (“Yeah, right!” she says, but you know there’s something to it).

Back at Stonehaven, Nick angrily tells Jeremy that he’s relaxed the rules too much, allowing Logan and Elena to grow attached to humans. Jeremy tells him that the whole reason he relaxed the rules was because of his father, Tonio. Nick is unmoved. Jeremy asks what Tonio whispered to him on his deathbed, and Nick reveals that he told him the name of his mother.

Wolf Elena saves the day.

Wolf Elena saves the day.

In Toronto the mutts split up, with Victor and Santos attacking Philip’s apartment and LeBlanc and Karl attacking Logan’s house while Elena is on her way back to Philip’s. Lots of martial arts-style hand-to-hand combat ensues. Philip, obviously unaware he’s dealing with exceptionally strong werewolves, even tries to fight them, but he doesn’t hold out long. He crawls to the bedroom, injured. When Elena arrives, she hears the fight and turns in the stairwell. Just as Victor is about to attack Philip, Wolf Elena attacks him (but doesn’t kill him). Philip and the wolf have a moment before she goes into the bathroom, where he sees her shadow change back through a weird backlit partition conveniently located between the bathroom and bedroom. So now Philip knows. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do with this information. When Elena leaves the room, she finds an empty hypodermic needle, and Clay has been abducted.

Logan, fueled by his animal father rage, has no problem fighting off LeBlanc and Karl.

As Jeremy and Nick, who’ve finally figured out that the rest of the pack isn’t coming back anytime soon, prepare to leave for Toronto, the Sheriff (who still doesn’t have a name… what’s up with that?) tells Jeremy that they have a suspect in the murder of Braxton, and it’s LeBlanc. That’s the good news. The bad news is the investigation will be combing the property and using advanced forensics to determine who moved it. The question is, will they figure out it was moved by a wolf — and will they connect the wolf with Elena?


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