The Musketeers S01 Ep09 – Knight Takes Queen

I was really looking forward to this episode as it was clear from the promo pictures that “Knight Takes Queen” would be mainly focused on Aramis and Queen Anne (by the way, the title is very clever, if you know what I mean). They are my favourite couple (followed by Athos and Ninon) so this episode is a delight, to say the least. However, it’s a pretty dark one: old scars are opening up, someone dear to one of the characters dies in his own arms, murder and scheming are at every turn. To put it briefly, the Queen’s life’s at stake while on a journey to a fertility lake so the musketeers seek shelter in a fortified convent. Here, Athos and Aramis, helped by the nuns, manage to keep the mercenaries away from the Queen.

Anne swims in the fertility lake

The opening scene is absolutely wonderful as it’s set in a paradise-like place (well-said Aramis): Anne resembles a mermaid as she’s swimming in a fertility lake. This scene has no lines and its beauty leaves you speechless. So far, I haven’t talked too much about the settings, but I must say that they are extremely beautiful. From the jaw-dropping palaces and libraries to the fairy-tale-like countryside, everything has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know the Czech Republic was so lovely (shame on me).

Back to the main storyline, shortly after the failed assassination attempt of the Queen, a gripping chase begins. Things get more tense when the four of them split up, being obvious that separated they are vulnerable. However, if you weren’t sure about it yet, our musketeers are professionally trained soldiers, smart enough to outwit these mercenaries. Porthos and d’Artagnan return safely back to Paris while the Queen is successfully protected by Aramis and Athos. This is one of the most thrilling episodes so far, but I think the season finale will definitely surpass it.

The remote convent is now a citadel, with Aramis and Athos acting like 17th century snipers and the nuns attacking the mercenaries with Molotov cocktails and beehives. Much to our surprise, one of the nuns is actually Aramis’s last love that we found out about in ep.6 (remember his conversations with Agnes). They have different versions of their story together, of what was better for them. All these years, Aramis believed that Isabelle was the only woman who could make him happy, have a family with. Now, his whole world is turned upside down.

Aramis and AnneWhat’s more, Isabelle’s death (in order to protect him) makes everything even more tragical. His first and dearest love dies in his arms (just like his old friend Marsac) and Santiago Cabrera’s acting is outstanding. It felt so real. He’s grief-stricken, his heart broken to pieces. I’ve never seen Aramis like this and never thought I would. If at first Anne was definitely jealous of Isabelle (she was very suspicious of her and Aramis), now she tries to comfort Aramis. They share so much in common: both of them lost a baby, they’ve been in pain for all these years and they long for true love. Not only that Aramis is distressed by Isabelle’s death, but he’s also self-depreciatory. It wasn’t his fault. He begged her father to tell him where she was, he tried. So Anne is right: “No, Aramis. You are brave, and kind, and honourable. Any woman would be fortunate to be loved by you.” And then they spend the night together.

Well, I didn’t see that coming. I did expect them to kiss, but nothing more. Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise even though it felt a bit wrong: Isabelle had just died. Aramis and Anne shared only a few moments together, that were short and formal. In this ep. they spend much more time together. It is his horse that she rides on (so he’s hugging her all the way to the monastery) and why does Anne go to help Aramis instead of the others? Seeing him half-naked only makes her fall harder for him (by the way, I expected them to be a bit embarrassed and shocked: she’s the Queen and he’s a musketeer after all). Not to mention her being nervous when Aramis compliments her on her cooking. It is obvious that they won’t have a chance like that too soon, so they get carried away.

However, the kissing scene is not my favourite one of them.  “The morning after” is perfect: naked, covered with some poor sheets, him holding her in his arms, her sleeping on his chest in a poor chamber of a 17th century French monastery. The Queen  is happier with Aramis in such a place, than with the King in their exquisite bedroom. By the way, Aramis should have said something else to Anne when they were both awake. Stop being so formal because nobody could have overheard you! I was laughing so hard when Athos ran into them. His and Aramis’s following conversation is hilarious: “I cannot believe you slept with the Queen.” I was really happy to see Aramis and Athos interacting more and after this episode; I can say that I’m a fan of Athos. He’s my favourite musketeer after Aramis. Overall, I’m happy with the way Aramis and Anne’s relationship has evolved. I hope to see more of it in season 2 (even though a still from ep.10 really worries me). I strongly believe that in the ending scene they realize what they have done: their eye contact makes it pretty clear (not to mention that poor Anne looks so sad; she’s back at the palace, next to her husband and Aramis is back at the garrison).

A character that really bothers me in this episode is King Louis. The wine makes him say what he really thinks about Anne, but it’s only when she really is about to die, that he appreciates her. Their reuniting scene is lovely.

The Cardinal and Milady

The Cardinal and Milady really cross the line in this episode: plotting to murder the Queen? That’s a bit too much. As I said in ep.8’s review, they are not getting along well anymore and that’s because the Cardinal’s plans are beginning fail and Milady is the guilty one. I can’t wait to see how they will team up in the season finale in order to get rid of the musketeers who know that they were behind the Queen’s assassination attempt. It’s a matter of time until they have proof of it.

To conclude, this is another great episode. Too bad there’s still one to go.

So, what do you think of “Knight Takes Queen”? Let us know in the comments.