Da Vinci’s Demons S02 Ep01 – The Blood of Man

Da Vinci and Lorenzo

Last year, I was waiting impatiently for Da Vinci’s Demons to premiere. I had high expectations because it looked really good from the trailer and promo pictures. Well, it didn’t disappoint me. I absolutely loved it. Too bad there were only 8 episodes. Now, after almost a year, Leo is back and the first episode of season 2 looks great. I missed Riario’s malice and ambition, Zo’s hilarious lines or Leo’s genius that never fails to surprise me.

Riario threatens LucreziaSeason 2 opens with a scene featuring Da Vinci and Riario, facing one another (suggesting that they are each other’s archenemy): locked in a dark cell and about to be sacrificed by the Inca. We learn that these events take place 6 months after the Pazzi conspiracy. As Leonardo and Girolamo are about to be killed, we go back to Florence, just where season one ended. As I expected, Leo saves an agonizing Lorenzo who was busier with menacing Da Vinci than with his own health…Very smart. No wonder he didn’t trust Becchi and was outsmarted by Lucrezia. He is too naïve and hot-tempered. Leo’s genius is put to use twice, but I was most impressed by the 15th century transfusion. It’s absolutely brilliant. No wonder Da Vinci comes up with this idea. I was so happy to see Andrea del Verrocchio and Vanessa worrying for Leo, mostly Andrea. He is acting like the father Leo never had and I find this very moving: “There are other Medicis to replace Lorenzo. But Florence only has one Leonardo Da Vinci.” I just love this line. It really shows how much Andrea admires him and how important Da Vinci is for Florence. Of course, Lorenzo proves once more how foolish he is: Da Vinci basically saves his life while endagering his own and still Lorenzo threatens to kill him.Clarice Orsini

In the meantime, Clarice takes Lorenzo place and I think she would actually be a better ruler than Lorenzo himself. She even wants her brother to rot in prison. Remember the saying: “Behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman”? Well, it suits Clarice perfectly.

I felt so sorry for Vanessa panicking about her future as she was pregnant with Giuliano’s child. I just wanted to hug her and caress her on the head. At least she has Verrocchio to look after her. However, I really hope she’ll move to the palazzo. I’m sure Giuliano would have wanted it.

Riario is one of the best characters of the series. Blake Ritson is a very talented actor and his portrayal of Riario is outstanding. I understand that Zo and Lucrezia are of no use now, but what about Nico? Why does Riario keep him on the boat? I am eager to see if Riario and Leo will meet in Pisa and if so, how will all play out? By the way, Zo’s last words to Lucrezia are absolutely hilarious. I didn’t really get their kiss, though.

I don’t remember if in season one they mentioned the fact that the mysterious prisoner was in fact the Pope’s twin brother, although they did mention he was Lucrezia’s father. Well, this secret is revealed after the two of them have a conversation.

In conclusion, judging by the first episode, season 2 looks promising. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

What about you? Was it worth the wait?