Glee S5 E12 – “100”

Outside in the parking lot, Biff and Quinn are fighting over her revelations – seems the Biffster isn’t too happy with her past shenanigans. When he gets mouthy she twists his nose, then Puck arrives and a serious Biff/Puck fight breaks out. To the surprise of no one, Biff ends up in the dumpster.

Puck tells Quinn she’s better than this guy and she can crawl into the garbage with him or join her real friends in the choir room.

In the aforementioned choir room the vote is taken for Head Diva, but the ladies first apologize for asking them to chose in the first place. They’re both equally talented and amazing – as evidenced by the fact that there is a tie!

April takes a moment to apologize for not being able to save Glee Club. As  a peace offering, she’s flown in someone to brighten their final days in the choir room: Holly Holiday!

Welcome back, Gwyneth Paltrow!

Apparently there’s a Facebook page for guests of Glee Club – April, Holly, Rachel’s Mom, Blaine’s Brother, that Mexican guy…

Sidebar: That must be the greatest Facebook page in existence.

Holly has been roaming the world, teaching classes (whether hired or not) in her unique way, complete with costumes and great accents. She couldn’t pass up the chance to come back to McKinley and pay her respects.

Rachel points out that they’re singing songs they’ve already sung before, which Holly thinks is a terrible idea. When Holly Holiday is in town, she’s not looking in her rear view mirror – she’s looking to the future.

“Hit it,” she tells the band, who launches into Pharrell William’s “Happy,” and bless the showrunner’s cow for bringing this character back.

With background dancing from Jake and Mike, Holly gets the whole choir room singing and dancing. Blaine and Mercedes trade some lines with Holly as the place explodes into infectious happiness.

Not a Remix Review: Fantastic!

Quinn finds Puck in the locker room, staring at Finn’s jersey, which is framed and mounted on the wall. She figures that Finn forgave them for their lies, but in the end it really didn’t matter because Rachel was his soul mate. Puck asks Quinn who hers is…Biff? No, Biff is returning to Yale (alone). So maybe Puck should leave too – unless there’s a reason to stay. Like his soul mate (Quinn) giving him some sort of sign that she feels the same way.

Can Santana save Brittany from a life of math?

Can Santana save Brittany from a life of math?

Santana continues to push Brittany to expand her life – it can’t just be about math. She should be going out, dancing, having fun. Dating? Britt leans over and kisses Santana, who stops it from getting too deep. She’s worked hard to get over Brittany – but Brittany needs her to know that she’s still in love with Santana. And she wants them to be together.

Brittany: If you want me, I’m here.

Puck leaves, striding down the hall. Behind him, Quinn runs after him. When she catches up, they embrace and kiss.

Will takes the original Glee Clubbers onto the stage to show them Finn and Lillian Adler’s plaques, which are now in their new home. So long as McKinley stands, they will be watching over the auditorium. Everyone is sad, Will thanks them for everything they’ve meant to him, and breaks down. They huddle around him as above, April and Holly watch the heartbreak unfold.

After they finish their drinks? They’re going to figure out a way to fix this terrible mess…

While it was nice to see some old favorites return, the narrative was tough, as it felt very arbitrary. Coming back to say goodbye (again) wasn’t as emotional as it could have been. The song remixes were lackluster for the most part and having the majority sung by the original performers felt a bit like a rerun. The final scene of Will breaking down and embracing his students, and Rachel and Mercedes sharing a special moment of understanding, were highlights but I wish I had been driven to reach for a tissue a bit more!

100 episodes is nothing to sneeze about in this day and age of television, where many shows barely get the chance for such an accomplishment. Next week we move towards graduation and the end of McKinley as we know it! Are we ready for the next stage of the journey?

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Jake Puckerman’s deadpan “I’m torn. One is Black and the other is Jewish” conundrum.

What made me sniffle: The Rachel and Mercedes scene – lovely.

What made me side-eye: Santana’s mouth. Has she become nothing but a bully with a nasty streak? Also, why are the graduates saying goodbye to Glee Club? They already did that, when they graduated, in an episode entitled “Goodbye.” Wouldn’t the current crop of sophomores be more upset? Also, Jake is Puck’s brother. It would have been nice to see them look at each other at some point.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Keep Holding On” wins remix of the week. Fantastic. “Happy” was also delightful.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Graduation!


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