Glee S5 E12 – “100”

At Breadstix, Biff and Quinn are sharing a quiet romantic dinner. He loves her and he wants to get to know the real Quinn – and she is more than willing to share made up stories with him! Biff spies Santana, Mike, Puck, and Artie and waves them over. They’ll give him some information on his girlfriend.

Spoiler alert: This isn’t going to end well.

Can April save the day? Is the day being saved with booze?

Can April save the day? Is the day being saved with booze?

Mike and Santana start it off, with tales of pink-haired skank!Quinn and her Ryan Seacrest tat. Quinn shoos her boyfriend off to the car and admits she hasn’t told him everything. Or anything. His family is old money and if they marry, her life is set. Her friends are vaguely horrified.

In Sue’s office, April swaggers in with Will in tow. Guess what? Since April funds the auditorium, she gets to decide what goes on there. Which means she can allow the Glee Club to perform there. Ha! New Directions is saved. Will and April are smug, and Sue promises to investigate their claims.

The final Diva Off begins. Mercedes versus Rachel, with a guest appearance by Kurt (who, for the last time, flubbed that last note on purpose!), singing “Defying Gravity” followed by a secret ballot to see who is the winner.

Rachel and Mercedes are more alike than they would like to admit – both of them are thinking about how all the outside success doesn’t stop them wishing to be the star there, in the choir room. They need this moment.

Remix review: So meaningful the first time around, less so this time. Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, and Lea Michele are no slouches though, so it’s never a hardship to hear them go full-out diva!

Brittany is playing life-size chess with her phone – as you do – which is her only creative outlet now. Santana finds this creepy, and thinks that Britt needs to dance again. By doing a number, with her! Brittany isn’t interested, as she calls out moves with a bullhorn.

The Divas make their cases to the underclassmen. Mercedes says Rachel represents the past – Broadway isn’t as important as being a Pop Diva! Rachel points out to the seniors that they did just sing a Broadway standard, from one of the longest running Broadway shows – an enduring classic.

Sam: Why do they call it Broadway if most of the theatres aren’t on Broadway?

What is Glee Club, asks Mercedes? A place to train cruise ship singers how to sing Pippin? Or a place to launch the career of people heard on the actual radio?

Spoiler alert: Both?

April corners Blaine and Kurt to congratulate them on their engagement, give them hooch, and mention sodomy. I’m guessing she isn’t making the final cut of the guest list.

Next up to sing: Puck, but first, Santana must interrupt, with Amy Winehouse’s version of The Zutons’ “Valerie.”

She’s determined to get Brittany to dance, and with the help of Mike and Jake, she does just that.

Remix Review: Good song, nice energy, great dancing. A highlight of the episode.

Okay, Puck gets to go this time but he relocates everyone to the stage. With Quinn as his focus, Puck – on guitar – serenades her with “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne. First the graduates and then the New New Directioners join in, with the choreography hearkening back to the first time it was performed. It’s a terrific number; Mark Salling sounds great!

Remix Review: The best number of the episode.

Quinn tears up as she watches the performance, clearly touched by Puck’s emotional song. He tells her not to be ashamed of her past – they love her because of it, despite it. Quinn insists she wants to move forward. And that she’s in love with Biff.

It’s voting time in the choir room, but Santana interrupts again to launch into a cruel diatribe against Rachel, including a reveal that she and Quinn stuffed the ballot box for prom queen so she would win. Rachel tells her she’s an awful person and leaves, upset.

Look out Beyonce!

Look out Beyonce!

Mercedes finds Rachel crying in the bathroom. They share their feelings about being out in the “real world,” and how every rejection or harsh word makes them feel like it’s high school again. Mercedes considers Rachel one of her high school ghosts – not in a bad way, but as motivation to keep going and succeed, despite the setbacks. She wants Rachel to be rich and famous – she just wants to be richer and more famous. They are “Beyonce and Barbra” – trying to be the best they can be. They embrace, finally with a better understanding of how alike they really are.

Sidebar: Simply the best scene in the episode. Moving, emotional, and a true yardstick of how far they’ve come – not to mention the feeling that a genuine friendship could be born. More Mercedes and Rachel bonding, please.

Sue calls April and Will to her office. She’s done some deep research (six minutes on Wikipedia) and discovered some things that April hasn’t yet told Will. Like she’s broke, she’s jumped bail, and there are legal proceedings against her. Saving the Glee Club is out of the question because she can’t fund anything at the moment, including her own life.

Will is heartbroken all over again, and very angry with April.

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