Glee S5 E12 – “100”

The grads return to say goodbye to Glee Club and to restart old storylines!

The grads return to say goodbye to Glee Club and to restart old storylines!

Glee hits a huge milestone this week: its 100th episode! In the handily titled “100” we are revisited by ghosts past – the graduated Glee club members, some special guests – as McKinley High prepares to say goodbye to New Directions and the choir room.

After placing second at Nationals, Will has been informed by Sue that he is being let go and Glee  is being disbanded. Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Mike, Quinn, Brittany, and Mercedes all return to Ohio to pay their respects and do one last lesson with the current crop of kids.

Of course the more things change the more they stay the same, so we open on a shared VO with Rachel and Mercedes – who are (while sad) also a little bit miffed at the lack of confetti and signage heralding their return. I mean – does this school not appreciate the new Fanny Brice/Pop Diva in the making? Great minds think alike, which means an instant flare when the ladies enter the choir room – with eyes on Rachel’s former “front and center” seat.

Rachel wins this round, and after Kurt’s hissed “Greet each other!” they exchange lukewarm hellos and Mercedes says she’ll now make her way “to the back of the bus.”

Hey Mr. Schue, if you could just break the tension with the announcement of this week’s lesson….

100 lessons and the final one is to sing a song they’ve already performed, but to “reinvent it.” He promises not to rap (thank you!) but introduces a special guest: April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), who is still a bottle of boozy outrageous fun, and now with an ex-paramour who has set her up with her own island. Never a dull moment with that gal. Her remix? “Raise Your Glass” by Pink, which Blaine politely points out was sung by the Warblers, not New Directions.

Well, no never mind. Will and April lead the choir room into a dance party, as everyone freestyles their worries away.

Remix review: Matt Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth are Broadway babes, but this one should have been left in the Dalton Vault.

Biff, Puck. Puck, Biff. Quinn - were there no Bills or Eds at school?

Biff, Puck. Puck, Biff. Quinn – were there no Bills or Eds at school?

Puck struts through the hallway, remembering his glory days as “The Saw.” Now he’s put his awesomeness to work for Uncle Sam and he’s left high school behind – except for the girl that got away, Quinn Fabray. Seems like the Puckster isn’t quite over his baby momma and he sidles up to her for a chat. Maybe they could sing a song together? His flirt is derailed by the arrival of uber prepster Biff MacIntosh (yep, like the apple!), who is played by Chase Crawford like he was still on Gossip Girl. Puck is not impressed, particularly when he realizes that Quinn hasn’t told Biff everything. Or anything for that matter.

In an empty classroom, Santana finds Brittany working on a mathematical equation at the board.  Her colleagues at MIT consider Britt the most gifted mind of her generation and she’s got work to do, even when she’s back at her old school with friends. She’s sad, missing things like sex and talking to her cat… Santana has a great idea: reuniting the Unholy Trinity!

The ladies give Britney Spears’ “Toxic” a whirl, juxtaposed between cheerleading costumes in the choir room and sexy body-baring numbers in a fantasy insert. Looking good, girls!

Remix review: Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, and Heather Morris always sound good, so this worked.

Biff isn’t very interested – he was texting the whole time, which is pointed out by Mike when Biff stumbles over giving a review of his girlfriend’s skills. Puck glares a lot and no one in Glee Club seems to like him. Interloper!

Santana hopes this has cheered Britt up, but her ex is still focused on mathematics and – when time allows – hosting her popular Internet talk show.

That’s right – Fondue for Two!

Her guests are Mercedes and Rachel, as Lord and Lady Tubbington make out in the background. Must be sweeps. Brittany attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery of how Rachel can work full time at the diner, go to school full-time at NYADA, and also be in rehearsals for a Broadway play – and yet take a week off to hang out in Ohio.

That might be the hardest math problem in the world.

Mercedes and Rachel have both picked the same song to sing for Mr. Schue’s assignment: “Defying Gravity.” Except Rachel and Kurt are switching parts this time, so she can hit the high note. This goes over like a lead balloon with Mercedes and there’s only one way to settle this.

A diva off.

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