Black Sails, S01 Ep8 – VIII.

The final battle

So here it is, the season finale of Black Sails. To be honest, I didn’t expect some things, but I like it when I don’t foresee events and the show surprises me. Overall, the episode is pretty good and definitely makes you want to be back for the second season. The chase of the Urca definitely steals the show. It’s very exciting and tense; you’re watching it and you’re dying to see what happens next.

Gates and Flint argueI didn’t expect (not for a single second) to see Gates dead, killed by Flint because he was standing in his way, just like Morley, just like poor Billy. Now that I saw Flint killing Gates (his most trusted man, his ally, his friend), I strongly believe that he killed Billy too. The scene is absolutely shocking: a terrified Gates struggling for his life and a ruthless Flint asking for forgiveness. You can’t just do anything and then ask people to forgive you because you had your reasons. Silver teams up with Flint as the crew wants to see them dead and they lie about Gates’s death, saying he had a heart attack (nobody believes a word of it, obviously). Once more, another convenient death for Flint. He’s a lucky man, isn’t he? However, this is the most bitter so far. He had a special relationship with Mr. Gates, and their conversation of the night before makes everything worse. Come to think of it, it’s truly heartbreaking.

The attack on the Urca de Lima is…well, they don’t actually attack the Urca, but a Spanish man’o war. This is the moment when Dufresne shows his hand and the mutiny takes place. However, that doesn’t stop Flint from eventually attacking the man’o war so the three ships engage in a bloody fight. Destroyed by the Spanish ship’s canons, the Walrus shipwrecks, but nothing’s lost: the Urca wrecked the night before on the same island as Flint’s crew did. How will things go from this moment on? Make sure you watch the second season.

Vane returns victorious to Nassau, teaching everyone a well-deserved lesson: he takes over the fort (the most important strategic point on the island) so they have to obey him or he will blow up their ships, practically ruining their lives. I am so glad that Vane is now in charge of the island, controlling the ones who underestimated him and wanted to see him doomed. Too bad that Charles and Eleanor can’t be together. They look great together as a couple.

Speaking of Eleanor, I’m happy that she’s now at ease with Mr. Scott and Max. Also, Max seems to have found peace. She really deserves it. Max is now safe at the brothel and she is Rackham’s associate.

Vane in Eleanor's office

Rackham and Anne’s scene when he’s taking a bath is absolutely hilarious. He is such a good actor and I think he definitely nails this character. I didn’t expect Rackham to be one of my favourites.

By the way, what happened to Mrs. Barlow?

To conclude, this is how the first season of Black Sails ends. It was an interesting journey and I pretty much enjoyed it. It didn’t have enough sea fighting so I hope there will be plenty of it in season 2. I am looking forward to the second season and I hope you are too.

What do you think about the season finale? What about the first season overall? Let us know in the comments.