PaleyFest 2014: Sleepy Hollow Panel Talks Season 2

Our favorite Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, John Cho, and Orlando Jones joined executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, Mark Goffman, and Heather Kadin (plus a surprise guest appearance by The Headless Horseman himself) for an eventful panel at the Dolby Theater for PaleyFest 2014.

While there are no major spoilers to report, Season 2 of the supernatural drama promises action and intensity. Our hero Lieutenant Abbie Mills is stuck in a creepy dollhouse in Purgatory (something Beharie says freaked her out), and Ichabod Crane is buried alive by Henry Parish, who was revealed in the Season 1 finale to be both Ichabod and Katrina Crane’s son and the War, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. It’s no surprise, then, that war will be a major theme of the second season, as well as redemption and internal conflict as the Cranes deal with the fact that they may have to kill their estranged son to save the world.

The panel took a question about shipping, and they all still seem surprised that viewers want to see Abbie and Ichabod together as a couple (Really? I think some of this is because they don’t want to spoiler an eventual romance that’s been planned all along, but, hey, maybe it truly never occurred to them). Jones, forever building up his fandom cred, suggested that his out-of-it colleagues google “slash.” Funny, but everyone knows Sleepy Hollow’s supreme ship is the woman-powered, non-slash Ichabbie.

The producers got props for the show’s unusually diverse casting, which they modestly brushed off as simply casting the best people — but let’s be real, for a network genre show, the casting probably took effort on someone’s level.

What else can we expect? Well, with Captain Irving in prison for the murders committed by a demon possessing his daughter, there will be a new Captain in town who, it seems, will not be as accepting of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department’s fight against the supernatural Horsemen. There will also be new characters on both sides. Expect to go deeper into Abbie and Jenny’s backgrounds, which means more Abbie and Jenny, which is awesome, if not shocking, news.

If the producers were definite about anything, it was the long-standing question of whether Ichabod would ever permanently switch over to modern-day attire. “I said [to the studio] absolutely not,” said Wiseman. “It’s part of his character. He’s actually quite an arrogant, stubborn guy.”

Credit for all photos: Kevin Parry for Paley Center for Media