Community S5 Ep10 – Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Community S5 Ep10 - Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

In “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” the gang sets out to reconnect Professor Hickey with his son through a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Arrested Development’s David Cross guest stars as Hickey’s estranged son. This would be Community’s second attempt at a Dungeons & Dragons themed episode, but did it match the quality of its predecessor?

It’s always hard finding success with a concept you’ve already done before, and done well. Community had a tremendous level of success when they re-attempted their Paintball concept in season two’s “A Fistful of Paintballs” and “For a Few Paintballs More”. Unfortunately, in attempting another D&D themed episode Community doesn’t exactly hit the mark. While I did get a some laughs from seeing the characters act out their roles in the game, especially Dead Pelton, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much better their last D&D episode was. Though, as I stated before, I did get some laughs.

While I didn’t care much for the story revolving around Hickey reconnecting with his son, I enjoyed watching their game of D&D escalate. The game definitely felt more chaotic and off the wall then their last D&D outing. Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton really shined in this episode and provided a lot of the humor when he takes his role as Jeff’s figurative son a little too seriously. Eventually we even see Pelton fall upon Jeff’s fictional sword, to which Pelton delivers a highly over-the-top death scene.

Community S5 Ep10 - Advanced Advanced Dungeons & DragonsAbed was definitely another highlight in “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”. Just like last time he takes his role as dungeon master very seriously, this time providing binders filled with notes and area descriptions. One of his more impressive feats was seeing him portray two hobgoblins being interrogated by Hickey for answers. I also enjoyed seeing Hickey, who used to be a cop before a Greendale professor, utilize his cop skills in a game of D&D. It was also funny seeing him question why his character in the game wasn’t able to successfully heart-punch every hobgoblin.

While I like David Cross as an actor and comedian, I felt he wasn’t utilized in “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”. Other than seeing him sing a medieval fantasy inspired tune there wasn’t much he did in this episode that couldn’t have been done by someone else. It reminded me of how the guest stars were used in this season’s “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking”. As if Cross was just there to have a familiar face guest star.

Overall, “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” was good but not great. I definitely laughed a lot at Dean Pelton and Abed, but didn’t care for Hickey’s dilemma. The ending was sort of unresolved as well, but even the characters suggest it was the best possible outcome for Hickey and his son. This was definitely one of the season’s weaker episodes, but when this season has been as great as it has, it’s hard to match that same level every time.


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