Supernatural S9 Ep16 – Blade Runners

Supernatural, s9 ep16--Dean holding the First Blade

Well, this episode was just chock full of Crowley feels, Men of Letters mythology, and Dean’s sexy murderer look. There was a lot to deal with here, so let’s start from the top.

Supernatural, s9 ep16--Crowley crying

Kids, don’t do drugs, or you too might cry over Casablanca.

Crowley became addicted to human blood—it makes him have feelings—and fell into a completely hedonistic lifestyle of pizza, sex, and blood. Crowley’s role in this episode was more emotional than we’ve ever seen him, excluding the scene in the church last season. Because he’s a villain, you wouldn’t expect to sympathize with him, but we got to see a side beyond the sassy, power-hungry, sexually ambiguous, used car salesman-esque weasel face we normally see. Mark Sheppard did a great job making us feel for the King of Hell as he fell down the rabbit of hole of addiction. You have to wonder what Crowley was like when he was human. That passionate plea for love in the season finale had to have come from somewhere. And he wants to feel more; he craves humanity in a way no demon has ever shown before. He even likes living on Earth, enjoying human pleasures as well as demonic ones. In contrast to Castiel, Crowley already knows how living as a human works, but he indulges in emotions like a drug.

But it wasn’t all just feels. Crowley had been lax on his duties of tracking down the First Blade and his demonic booty call turned out to be a spy for Abaddon, leaving Crowley desperate. Desperate enough to call on Moose and Not Moose, who held an intervention that involved a lot more handcuffing to chairs than most.

Supernatural, s9 ep16--Snooki as crossroad demon

First Paris Hilton, now this.

Thanks to a conversation with the demon possessing Snooki (that explains so much), Sam and Dean know that Abaddon is gaining favor in hell. Which means that they need to gank her before that regime change she’s fighting for so much occurs. And with Crowley having no luck in locating the First Blade, that meant they had to find it themselves. Sam and Dean picked up the trail where Crowley had left off and traced it to a rogue member of the Men of Letters. This rogue, who went by the MoL’s code name Magnus, was a master of spells who had some crazy ideas that got him kicked out before Abaddon massacred everyone.

The rules have always been pretty hazy about the line between casual magic users, like Sam and Dean who often use spells in hunting, and full on witches and wizards, but with the power Magnus was packing I’d wager he had crossed that line long ago. He had some cool ideas, and I really want to know more about him being Henry “Hot Grandpa” Winchester’s mentor. Too bad he turned out to be a psychopath.

Magnus tried to keep Dean as part of his supernatural collection (you can’t really blame him for that, I mean come on), but no one chains up a Winchester. No, wait, actually everyone does that, but no one gets to do that and live. Sam reluctantly teamed up with Crowley to save Dean, but Dean got to make the killing blow, taking his first life with the First Blade. And you could see the power, the darkness, taking hold as he held the blade. Never has he looked this murderous, which oddly enough makes him look even sexier and I didn’t know that was actually possible. The closest comparison would be to how he had looked in purgatory as he reveled in the “purity” of killing monsters. Dean and Sam both have dark sides to them—they can turn scary at the drop of a hat—but there’s something about Dean that makes him enjoy killing a little too much to be healthy.

Supernatural, s9 ep16--Dean staring meanacingly and or sexily at camera

This is the look of a man about to kill you. Or have sex with you, I’m not sure. Maybe both?

Since the beginning he’s always been called the soldier while Sam’s the brains, even though they’re both smart and they’re both deadly, but Sam has almost always killed out of necessity. He’s always willing to let the nice supernatural creatures go. Dean, on the other hand, kills everything. And he likes it. One of the disappointments of this season’s “Bad Boys” was that it didn’t give us any new revelations about Dean’s back story. It did not, despite the writers’ claims, explain how Dean had become the man we met in the pilot episode, because the man we met in the pilot episode enjoyed the hunting life. He enjoys killing monsters. As much as he might yearn to settle down and live that apple pie life, part of him loves hunting, and that part had loved the purity of purgatory. And I think we’re getting to see that part come out even more under the First Blade’s influence. Dean has never gone fully dark side, though he has been getting darker this season without his relationship with Sam as an anchor. Just last episode he killed a human being—an evil human who had murdered people, but a normal human, not a monster. Once he starts using the blade more and more, will he go too far? Can Sam bring him back? Will brotherly love once again save the day?

Luckily, Dean doesn’t have the blade any more. Crowley, being Crowley, took it so that they wouldn’t kill him. Which means they are still dependent on him, keeping Crowley alive and in the picture. I love Crowley and I’m glad he’s sticking around, but how much longer can he realistically stay the lovable bad guy when he keeps doing terrible things that the boys would have killed anything else for long ago? Once Dean has the blade again, Sam is probably going to demand that he kill Crowley with it. Dean seems not as keen on killing Crowley, and I imagine whichever demon keyed the Impala in Abaddon’s name is top of Dean’s murder list, but Crowley can’t keep this up forever. He’s crossed the line into villainy too often for them to justify it, even with the “devil you know” argument.

Next week: an episode directed by Misha Collins! Also, we find out more about Hot Grandpa while Dean struggles with the Mark of Cain.

Supernatural, s9 ep17--Henry dressed as priest and Josie Sands dressed as nun

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