New Godzilla Trailer Has Audience Roaring


After the thrilling Godzilla 2014 trailer teaser we received a while back, now we have the official trailer to drool over until we wait for the actual movie. I rarely say a trailer is a masterpiece in itself, but this one definitely is. It leads the views in a true roller coaster of emotions, from apprehension, to fear, to sympathy, to chills of terror.

We begin with Bryan Cranston’s voice narrating the status quo, and it’s like hearing a post-apocalyptic Walter White try to talk sense into the general population and authorities. I fear he might be getting typecast in scientist roles, but who cares as long as his delivery is this good? He has the perfect voice for such a narration, and the skillful use of script definitely left me wanting more:

"They’re not fooling anyone that what happened was a natural disaster. It was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon. They’re lying! I’m not crazy."

“They’re not fooling anyone that what happened was a natural disaster. It was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon. They’re lying! I’m not crazy.”

It seems Cranston isn’t the one doing the knocking anymore. If that doesn’t make you curious about what is wrecking havoc in that place, or why is Cranston’s character so distressed, I don’t know what does. Honestly, just looking at his performance in the trailer makes me giddy to see him in action, playing the scientist and kicking giant reptile ass.

The trailer continues with some absolutely gorgeous faux-dystopian shots of America in utter shambles: glass shards everywhere, fire, distressed landscapes. They are kept vague enough to leave you wanting more, and to know the how and why, but are so skillfully shot and inserted into the trailer cinematic that they creep you out immediately. Somewhere an eagle just shed a tear at seeing Lady Liberty destroyed. I don’t know what happened to her, but it looks like Godzilla manhandled her. She even has an appearance of vague worry, as if she’s thinking “God, the Americans are so screwed.” And yes, in case you’re wondering, they are. Look at the trailer, and you’ll be convinced.

America looks utterly crushed under Godzilla’s feet (literally and figuratively) and I can’t wait to see more in the actual movie.

Godzilla - Trailer Shot 2

After making you feel lucky for living after seeing those shots of utter decay and destruction, the trailer decides to rip your heart out and play with your feelings, much like an angry girlfriend. The viewpoint switches from the general to that of the army: you see young men getting ready for war, and the army itself making preparations. A speech is played behind, talking about their loved ones. Obviously, we get to see their special people, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside – look, they are fighting for their families! –  only to have that ripped out and spit upon by the trailer, who shows us how utterly obliterated these guys get. It’s like being given a puppy and then seeing it killed in a car crash. We get to see more destruction in the form of jet fighters and other military paraphernalia that proves inefficient in the face of tons of terrifying reptilian awesomeness. We still don’t get shown Godzilla, but you have to wonder what kind of lizard this is to be able to take all those out. I mean, one cannot just slap away a jet fighter without being badass.

The red flares from the trailer make a comeback, which I have to say is a really nice cinematic touch. We are given pause from the emotionally intense action shots and given this momentary suspension that still keeps us on edge. The chromatic is also very efficient – the subdued colours of the trailer contrast with these shots, the use of red making us subconsciously aware of the impending danger. We also get a glimpse of…something of Godzilla’s. The sense of scale is superbly done, because we only get to see some scales. I’m afraid this lizard might end up being half the size of New York.

 Godzilla 2014 - Godzilla Silhouette

More action shots of utter mayhem and the loss of human lives. Lots of fast-paced shots, to show us the maximum amount of damaged in the shortest possible time. We weep internally for the poor army guys who definitely didn’t ask to get mauled by a giant reptile, but let’s face it –  we secretly want Godzilla to cause as much mayhem as possible. We also get a glimpse of a silhouette of Godzilla, and then its head! It looks utterly terrifying, and with that CGI I fear the whole audience will run screaming in terror. That head is might impressive, for all its 3 seconds of appearance. You know it’s good when it creeps you out faster than you can blink. The whole cinematic structure and shots of the creature are designed to practically break your heart and make you hide under your desk saying Hail Mary’s. I also like that every shot we see of Godzilla is awfully oppressive due to the framing, or featuring the colour red – the subliminal here is just having a field day.


After viewing this trailer, I am mildly terrified, and more than mildly fangirling. I can’t wait to see this in the cinema, because Ive not seen such a brilliant trailer in quite a while.

The good? Walter White VS Godzilla, enough said. The bad? The CGI is so good it might come alive and eat us. I’m willing to take that chance!

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the new movie, or afraid they will ruin the cult classic?

(what do you think happened to Lady Liberty?)