Bitten S1 Ep10 — Descent

After an action-packed episode last week, Bitten takes a bit of a breather with “Descent,” and gives us a new, if unsurprising, motive for the mutt attacks. “Descent” could easily be called “Collide,” as Clay, posing as Elena’s cousin, accompanies her home to Toronto, where he interacts with Philip and Diane for the first time. It’s weird and awkward, especially since Philip already suspects that Elena has cheated on him (and she has, though not the specific time he thinks she did).  Before they left, Clay showed a rare glimmer of unselfish decency by promising to step back and allow her to be with Philip. He also moves a ring from his left hand to his right — wait, are Clay and Elena married? Did I miss something? Or is marriage just implied in the one in a million case where a wolf’s bitten girlfriend lives? In any event, Clay is still a douche.

Elena and Clay’s first stop in Toronto is Logan’s house. Logan has refused to return to Stonehaven even after Tonio’s death, and Clay intends to find out why and bring him back. Logan tells them about the baby, which they now know is a boy. Logan says he won’t follow pack law and take their son away from Rachel when he’s born, but a more immediate issue is who sent them the “It’s A Boy” gift? The consensus is, it’s probably Santos. No doubt Santos intends to pull Logan to the side of the mutts, who don’t follow pack law and would not force him to take the baby and leave Rachel.

Philip is surprisingly agreeable when he comes home to find Elena and Clay in their apartment, but clearly he’s suspicious. Despite Elena’s plans to put Clay up in a hotel, he insists that Clay sleep on the couch, and Clay (who wants to keep an eye on Philip as much as Philip wants to keep an eye on him) agrees. Philip’s plan backfires — he’s not so upset with Elena that he doesn’t want to have sex with her later, but Elena denies him because she’s uncomfortable with her “cousin” in the other room. Meanwhile, Joey Stillwell, the son of the murdered Dennis Stillwell (aka eyeballs in a box guy) turns up after haven been held captive for a while by Santos and (the now dead) Cain. Nick gets as much information as he can from him, trying to find the location of the mutt hideout.

Back in Toronto, Elena’s first art show is a “family” affair, with Diane curating, Rachel catering, and Clay and Logan helping out.

Creepy Victor Olsen

Creepy Victor Olsen

Diane has a bit of a crush on Clay, but, of course, Elena won’t encourage it. Still, she’s happy to chat with him at any opportunity, and when he asks who the show’s main benefactor, listed as James Williams, is, she tells him he’s a mystery man who may or may not be there that night. The show is going exceedingly well, until Elena spots Victor Olsen — the man who molested her as a child and who was purposefully bitten by Cain upon his release from prison. She recognizes that he’s a werewolf immediately. Philip overhears the part of their conversation where Victor says her testimony gave him an extra five years, and, putting it together that this guy is the molester Elena told him about as a coverup the day she saw Santos, he steps in and starts beating him up. Clay isn’t there for any of this, as he’s stepped out with Diane to help her bring in another case of prosecco. While she’s fetching the case, Clay spots Santos in a car watching the gallery. He goes over and assaults Santos before he drives away. Clay returns to the gallery and tells Elena that, not only has Santos been watching them, the name of benefactor James Williams came up while he was snooping through Philip’s things at the apartment. Williams is the one who gave Philip the wolf video for the ad campaign, and the whole thing was a plot to get them together at this location. Which has got to hurt — it’s was Elena’s first solo show, and it was an orchestrated sham. On the other hand, it was a solo show that fell into her lap without her even trying to land it, so it’s really a case of it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially if you’re a werewolf with a bunch of cagey enemies hell bent on your pack’s destruction.

Logan and Nick don't see eye to eye on the wolf baby subject.

Logan and Nick don’t see eye to eye on the wolf baby subject.

Anyway, Logan does return to Stonehaven, where he meets with Nick, who has the demeanor of an Alpha, though he’s clearly aware that Jeremy is his superior. She demeanor of a Beta, I guess. Nick is thrilled to learn about Rachel’s pregnancy and that it’s a boy. Logan tells him he can’t abandon Rachel and take the baby. Nick, who we know was the baby in this situation years before, calmly explains the importance of growing up within the pack. He believes the pack law is right. Logan says he’s “living proof” that a wolf can be raised by a human mother, suggesting that he was either bitten as a child or born to a mutt father. Quite frankly, Logan is beyond the most well-adjusted of all of the wolves, but Nick insists that it was too emotionally traumatizing, even though Logan is a successful psychologist who lived it himself. Still, Logan is a bit deluded: he seems very hopeful that Jeremy will bend pack law and allow him and Rachel to live as a family with their son.

Later, Logan and Nick join Jeremy and Joey to investigate what they believe is Santos’ hideout. It’s abandoned, but they’ve left behind surveillance photos of Logan and Rachel, Philip, and Elena. As they go through the evidence, it becomes clear that Santos’ real target is not Jeremy, but Elena. Shaken by the photos of Rachel, Logan tells Jeremy that he has to return to Toronto, and tells him that Rachel is pregnant with a boy. Jeremy looked shocked but pleased to hear this news, and tells him to go take care of her (until the birth, anyway).

Back in Toronto, things go from bad to worse for Elena, as Philip breaks up with her. Honestly, Philip has been exceedingly collected and patient through all of this, staying faithful to her even after she disappeared on him. With his connection to James Williams, I don’t expect that this is the last we see of Philip.

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