The Walking Dead S4 Ep14 – The Grove

Carol and Tyreese carry water back to the house they are making camp in.

Tyreese and Carol go deer hunting again the next day. He tells her he still dreams about Karen, and sometimes sees a ‘stranger’ kill her in his dreams. Carol is torn, clearly struggling with whether or not to tell him she killed both Karen and David, and very reluctantly returns Tyreese’s hug when he tells her not to be ashamed of what she’s done or who she is. OH THE INEVITABLE BETRAYAL! They return to the house empty handed but hopeful.

On the way, Carol shares a joke her husband Ed used to tell every year before hunting, but their laughter is stifled when they see Lizzie, her hands covered in blood and standing over Mika’s dead body, bloody knife in hand.  “Don’t worry,” Lizzie says with an innocent smile, as baby Judith enjoys some tummy time on a blanket nearby. “She’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.” WTF Lizzie. That is a no-no. No, no, no. Nope.

When Carol moves to take Lizzie’s knife, Lizzie points her gun at Carol, telling them they will understand if they wait for Mika to turn. Carol persuades Lizzie to give up her gun and go with Tyreese and Judith back into the house. Carol breaks down as soon as they are out of sight, and takes out her knife, to make sure Mika doesn’t turn.

Tyreese locks Lizzie in her room, and tells Carol she confessed to being the one who was feeding the walkers at the Prison, and also being responsible for the dissected rabbit he’d discovered just before the Governor attacked.  He wonders if she killed Karen and David, but Carol points out that if she had, she would’ve let them turn. Carol suggests they split up, with Tyreese taking Judith and Lizzie going with her, since she is a danger to the baby, but their chances of surviving without each other, and in the presence of a helpless baby and a delusional and dangerous girl, respectively, are slim to none. “She can’t be around other people,” Carol says. Tyreese’s expression is pained, but resolved.

The Walking Dead S4 Ep14 - Carol raises her gun to kill Lizzie.Lizzie, cleaned up and cheery, goes on a walk with Carol, to pick flowers for Mika, ‘for when she comes back’. She notices Carol’s somber mood, however, and assumes that Carol is mad at her. She quickly dissolves into tears and apologies – not for killing her sister or wanting to kill Judith, but for threatening Carol with her gun. When Lizzie turns her back to her, Carol pulls out her gun and tells Lizzie to look at the flowers. Both of them are crying when Carol raises her gun and shoots. Then only Carol is crying.

After burying the two girls, Tyreese and Carol sit in the living room one last time. She finally tells him that she killed Karen and David, explaining that she had hoped to contain the virus and save others by doing so. “It wasn’t Lizzie. It wasn’t a stranger. It was me.” She pushes the gun towards Tyreese, and tells him to “do what he has to do.” He puts his hand on the gun and asks if Karen knew what was happening when Carol killed her. She tells him it was quick. He squeezes the gun, and after a moment, lets him go, telling Carol he forgives her. “You did it. You feel it. It’s a part of you now. Me too.”

In the morning, the two of them and  Judith leave the house behind, as Carol’s past conversations with Mika and Lizzie play in voice over. “Then one day, you just – change.”

And we did.



We knew it was coming: Lizzie turned the disturbing-factor up to twenty and killed someone – her own freaking sister!!!!! – convinced that becoming a walker was just a ‘natural’ transformation, part of being ‘human’.

It’s obvious Lizzie has long had problems connecting with people, even before the Turn. Mika guiding her in looking at the flowers and counting to three is too specific of a coping method for her to have just come up with it on her own, so it’s likely she was taught how to help Lizzie by her dad, if not Lizzie’s therapist. The things Lizzie says, specifically the “I don’t understand, but I’m trying to” line, points towards her difficulty in understanding other people’s feelings. Carol even says that ‘it’ was in her before.

This episode really makes us consider how much room there is for people like Lizzie in a world as dangerous as the one everyone is living in now. Of course we would want to help Lizzie understand why killing Mika was wrong, but would we have the time? The patience? The emotional fortitude? There’s no way to know for sure.

Tyreese pumps some water and looks pensive.I’m really glad Carol got the chance to confess to Tyreese, and that Tyreese forgave her. He’s right to say that neither of them will ever forget what she did, but if they’re going to survive, and live with each other and themselves, they’ve got to somehow accept the terrible things they’ve done, and move on.

I definitely could’ve done with a little bit more Tyreese screen time, though. Perhaps seeing more of his interactions with Lizzie, like the two of them playing “I Spy” in the woods while waiting for Carol and Mika, might’ve helped show him coming to understand how an ‘innocent’ or ‘good’ person could have a dark side, and got to a place where he could more believably forgive Carol, a person he believed to be ‘good’. Chad Coleman and Melissa McBride’s performances carried the scene, and the story was definitely depending on them to.

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