‘Maleficent’ has wings in two new trailers

Maleficent PosterSleeping Beauty’s Maleficent is (in this humble writers opinion) the greatest Disney villain ever. I mean, she tries to kill a baby just because she wasn’t invited to a party. If that’s not pure villainy, I don’t know what is.

So as someone who hates the woobification of villains, I have to admit, I’ve been a bit wary of the new live action Maleficent (much as I love her and think Angelina Jolie is perfectly cast). And the fact that one of these trailers includes Maleficent cursing Aurora not to die as she does in the animated film, but to fall into a deep slumber (in Sleeping Beauty, Merryweather has to use her own gift to temper Maleficent’s curse) is not easing my fears.

That said, I’m still wary, but it’s hard to resist these trailers and the sheer gorgeousness of the film. Take a look at two new trailers for the film:

First, we find out that Maleficent once had wings that were taken from her somehow:

This second trailer gives us some comparisons between the original animated Sleeping Beauty, and the same scenes in the live action Maleficent:

There’s no arguing against the absolutely gorgeous look of the film, or that from all appearances Jolie has perfectly captured the evil fairy. I’m cautiously optimistic, in spite of my original fears.

Maleficent hits theatres on May 30th, 2014.