Will Captain America 3 face off with Batman vs Superman?

Marvel and DC logos

Marvel and DC are heading for a battle in the theaters. The upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, after being pushed back from Summer 2015, has been slated for a May 6, 2016 release. However, so has a future Marvel film. Marvel had the date first, staked out for an unnamed installment in their Phase 3 plan. But do we now know which film that will be?

Captain America The Winter Soldier first photo of Cap with his shieldThe Hollywood Reporter has claimed that Captain America 3 will be the Marvel movie arriving in May 2016. They said that their sources are, uh, “sources,” and left it at that. Screen Rant, meanwhile, said that they just worked out the logic–Cap 3 is filming in 2015, so it would make sense for it to arrive in 2016. And Marvel has confirmed that they are not moving from that date, but they have yet to confirm which film will be released then. However, they do expect to reveal that information in a matter of months, possibly at the San DiegoComic Con.

So we don’t know for sure just which Marvel film will be released against BvS, but we do know a showdown will occur. Unless, one of them blinks.

Do you think both DC and Marvel should keep the date? Do you think it really will be the Star Spangled Man with a Plan facing off against the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel? Sound off in the comments!