Elementary S2 Ep18 – The Hound of the Cancer Cells

Sherlock studies the body of Dr. Granger, which was staged as a suicide.

I see what you did there with the title of this episode, writers… (eyes suspiciously).


Joan and Marcus discuss his imminent return to the police force since passing his firearms re-certification test. He invites her, and Sherlock, to the gathering at a bar later on that week, and then asks her to discover the whereabouts of a teenage girl, Nicole Watkins. Nicole was planning to testify against a violent drug dealer, Martenz, but recently got cold feet and has since disappeared. Joan promises she and Sherlock will look into it.

Joan and Sherlock investigate the victim's lab.Meanwhile, Dr. Barry Granger is suffocated with helium gas, then is staged to look like he committed suicide due to the pressure of his research about the effectiveness of a cancer-detecting breathalyzer device, called ‘The Hound’, being called into question. Joan and Sherlock discuss Dr. Granger’s work with his boss, the CEO of the medical research company, Hank Prince.

Prince is understandably upset at the accusations of the Hound being ineffective, as he is now losing investors left and right. He also gives the alibi of being with his girlfriend during the time of the murder, reluctantly, as he is going through a divorce and has been seeing his girlfriend since before he and his wife decided to split.

The detectives are intrigued by the man who claimed Dr. Granger’s research is biased, a mysterious person who calls themselves ‘Adam Peer’. Peer seems to be quite prolific, blowing the whistle on all sorts of medical research findings, clinical trials, and discoveries, and many of the accusations turn out to be true. However, he or she takes great pains to maintain their privacy. Even after Sherlock and Joan receive information about Peer from Dr. Granger’s ex-girlfriend, who is now an Israeli computer hacker/secret agent, Peer’s real identity eludes them.

In search of Nicole Watkins, Joan pays a visit to Watkins’ favorite teacher, Manny Rose, who is mildly famous for all the good he has been able to do for the dangerous neighborhood he and Nicole reside in. He reveals Nicole is actually staying with him. When asked why she backed out of testifying, Nicole tells Joan that she is pregnant, and does not want to put her baby in danger.

Joan talks to Sherlock about Detective Bell.Joan tries to talk to Sherlock the next morning about whether or not he will be attending Bell’s return party, and he unconvincingly points to the fact that the party is being held in a bar, which is not a very friendly place for him as a recovering drug addict. However, when pressed, Sherlock admits that he just doesn’t feel it appropriate to go to the ‘return’ party, considering that he’s the one who forced Bell to leave in the first place.

They focus their attention on finding out the true identity of Adam Peer, and question the woman, Ms. Buckner, who was tasked with finding Adam Peer after his first claim of fraudulent research caused her company to pay a huge amount in fines. Ms. Buckner willingly gives them all the information she has about Adam Peer, but admits that she and her team of investigators dropped the investigation after the drug was rejected by the FDA.

At the same time, Detective Bell is waiting at Manny Rose’s home, hoping to speak with Nicole and tell her he understands her reservations about testifying against Martenz and is not going to pressure her into doing something she doesn’t want to do. He tells Mr. Rose that he appreciates all the work he’s put into improving the neighborhood and keeping young kids from getting caught up in the heavy gang activity in the area. Bell is called away before Nicole returns from her doctor’s appointment, but Mr. Rose promises Bell he will continue trying to convince her to testify.

Rose shows up at the station afterwards, asking to talk to Bell in private, then suggesting that he take the stand in Nicole’s place. Bell is shocked that such a stand-up citizen would even think of breaking the law in that way, but Rose continues to insist that they must get Martenz off the streets, frustrated that, despite all the work he’s done to improve it and keep kids safe, his school and community are still rife with crime and violence. Bell does his best to assure Mr. Rose that he is making a difference with all that he does, and gives him his word that he will get Martenz, eventually.

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