Bitten S1 Ep9 – Vengeance

The lines between the good wolves and the bad wolves continue to blur on Bitten, with our “heroes,” especially Clay, executing the same kind of torture-murder as the villainous mutts — and forcing the audience to sympathize with the notorious mutt Cain as he demonstrates a higher capability of love than Clay (or any of the wolves we’ve seen so far, with the exception of Logan. Oh, Logan. We’ll get back to him later).

Since the death of Beta wolf Tonio and near-death of Alpha Jeremy, the Stonehaven pack has been fighting to take the upper hand from the mutts. Clay’s torture-murder of Cain has Santos and the mutt syndicate reeling, but confident that their hired killer, Jimmy Koenig, will take down Jeremy once and for all.

We initially meet Koenig via an early-80s flashback. Back then – and this is relevant to the current storyline – Tonio was a new father to baby Nick, and wanted live as a family with Nick’s mother. Unfortunately for him, this was against pack law – baby sons, hereditary werewolves, must be raised by the pack. Koenig, a slick rock ‘n roll werewolf in his youth, was sent by Tonio’s father, Dominic, to bring Tonio and baby Nick to the pack. In order to gain acceptance back into the pack (the alternative being death), Tonio was made to kill a mutt with his bare hands, using a technique Koenig calmly taught him. We learn, through Jeremy’s telling of the story to Nick, that the mutt-killing part was unilaterally added by Koenig, not ordered by Dominic (not sure if that makes up for permanently taking a baby from his mother, but OK).

Back in Toronto, Rachel is having her first sonogram, with Logan looking on anxiously. Yep, you guessed it – it’s a boy.

Back at the mutt headquarters, Santos is making plans by phone with present-day Koenig, who really is recognizable as an older, balder version of young Koenig, to meet the pack at an abandoned factory. He comments to serial killer mutt LeBlanc that mutts don’t leave Stonehaven alive. Cain’s girlfriend Amber overhears and asks about Cain. Santos tells her he’s dead. Unsurprisingly, she becomes inconsolably upset, not that anyone bothers to comfort her. She soon collects herself and starts working on LeBlanc to bite her.

The meeting between Jeremy and Koenig is a whole lot of fistfighting and martial arts and Nick interfering while Clay holds back for once. Things go a bit awry, the pack splits up, and Elena winds up being stalked by LeBlanc, who shoots and kills a blonde female bystander who happens to be dressed like her. Clay witnesses the shooting and thinks it’s Elena. Elena, who has been shot herself, witnesses it too from her hiding place under some machinery and starts to panic, causing her to start to change. Somehow, she manages to will herself to stop the change.

Inside the factory, Jeremy and Koenig are still at it. When Jeremy finally falters, Koenig grabs him by the neck – as we saw him do to the mutt in the flashback – and starts to choke him. Nick swoops in, grabs Koenig, and does the same choke move on him, killing him. A shame, really. Koenig was a cool villain while he lasted.

Santos cages LeBlanc back at mutt HQ, and as soon as he leaves, Amber tells him she’ll let him out if he bites her. LeBlanc cares nothing for Amber, so he changes and bites her. When we next see Amber, she is a part-human, part-wolf mutant suffering through the first change as LeBlanc calmly looks on. She finally collapses and is most likely dead. Dammit. I was really hoping she’d survive the turn.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy stitches up Elena as she tells him and Clay that she stopped the change. The two look shocked – apparently, this has never happened before.

Jeremy and Nick have a moment, and it seems clear that Nick is taking over the Beta spot (not a surprise, really, but he’s earning it). In the other room, Elena and Clay, still shaken up from the ordeal, break down and have sex. Oh, Elena, he’s so not good for you. She feels terrible about it the next day, since she still loves Philip (though, to be honest, she’s lucky Philip hasn’t just assumed that they’re done with, since all he’s seen of her for weeks now is a suggestion that she’s been cheating on him with Logan). Diane calls and tells Elena that she has a photo show opening that weekend and needs to return to Toronto. Jeremy says it’s fine that she goes, but only if Clay comes with her. Yeah, that’s not going to go well.

Meanwhile, Logan and Rachel, who haven’t announced Rachel’s pregnancy yet, receive an anonymous gift: a silver rattle with a card that says “It’s a Boy.”


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