BBC America Ramps up Promotion for ‘Orphan Black’

There is just so much promotional material for Orphan Black out right now. It’s a dream for those of us in the Clone Club, but it’s also getting a bit hard to keep up with it all. So we’re going to try and give you a one stop catch-up for what’s out so far. We’re bound to miss something though, so if you know of something, please leave a link in the comments and we’ll add it to the post.

Entertainment Weekly - Orphan Black CoverWe shared a couple of the first trailers back at the end of February, and noted that the end of the trailer seems to have some messages in binary code. That trend continued in a series of eight trailers that were released over eight days, but it is very much a blink and you’ll miss it moment. Just watch that logo. Turns out  they’re all quotes from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and each quote is appropriate to the situation that is being portrayed in the trailer. You can check out all 8 trailers on this post at After Ellen.

This week has been the week for Entertainment Weekly to get exclusive after exclusive; from new clone reveals (though I wouldn’t get too attached, the outlook looks grim for this one), to new photos and tomorrow the Clone Club even gets their show on the cover of the magazine itself (Veronica Mars had to wait till the movie, 10 years after the series premiered, so this is quite impressive).

Oh, and Buzzfeed got an exclusive look at the Season 2 Promotional Poster that is full of so many teases and treats it’s kind of overwhelming.

Overwhelmed yet? Of course not. It’ll obviously never be enough! April 19th cannot come soon enough for our liking.

Orphan Black will return to BBC America on 19th April. With An Accent is looking for a new contributor to cover the program, so if you’re interested, please apply via the form on this page