Batman / Green Hornet Crossover In The Works

Batman / Green Hornet Cover Art

In mid-2013 DC Comics began publishing Batman ’66, a digital series based on Bill Dozier’s Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Before this, Dynamite Entertainment had acquired the rights to the character The Green Hornet in 2009 and has since found success publishing Green Hornet comics. Now, both 60s versions of Batman and The Green Hornet will team up in an all new series written by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman.

Kevin Smith, who has directed a string of successful comedies including Clerks and Mallrats, is no stranger to comic book writing. A few of his works include Batman: Cacophony, Daredevil: Guardian Devil, and even a Green Hornet series for Dynamite Entertainment. He already has experience writing both Batman and The Green Hornet, so it’s no surprise DC approached him with the offer to write a crossover.

Ralph Garman, a comedian and radio show host, has little experience in writing comics but has a great love for both characters, television series, and the medium in general. Smith and Garman currently host the Hollywood Babble-On podcast together, so hopefully their chemistry will work to their advantage.

Joining Smith and Garman are artists Ty Templeton and Alex Ross. Templeton, who has recently worked on Batman ’66 for DC, will be responsible for the series’ interior art while Alex Ross will do the covers. Alex Ross, who has done several covers and interiors for Dynamite Entertainment, has plenty of experience drawing Batman in series like Kingdom Come and Justice and has had tremendous success in the comic book industry in general.

This new 12-part digital series from Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman will essentially be a reunion of Batman and The Green Hornet. The characters had already teamed up with their respective partners, Robin and Kato, in the Batman series episodes “A Piece of the Action” and “Batman’s Satisfaction”. The first issue to this upcoming Batman/Green Hornet crossover will debut digitally on May 21st, 2014 and in print on June 4th, 2014.