The Walking Dead S4 Ep13 – Alone

Maggie kicks at an approaching walker.

Bob walks down the railroad tracks in search of Maggie.Meanwhile, Maggie has left Bob and Sasha, with a note scribbled in the dirt telling them not to follow her, but Bob is adamant about going after her.  They follow the railroad tracks leading to Terminus and the messages Maggie is writing to Glenn in walker blood wherever she can. Bob asks Sasha, during one sleepless night, why she is so sure everyone is dead. 

The next day he wonders if she isn’t actually sure, but is simply too afraid to find out the truth. Sasha denies being afraid, and when they find a sturdy looking building by the railroad tracks, tries one more time to convince Bob to stay with her. Bob tells Sasha about him twice being the sole survivor from a group, and how he is happy now because he is no longer alone, and wants to find Maggie because he doesn’t want her to be alone. Neither of them is willing to budge on their decision, so Bob kisses Sasha before continuing to head down the tracks to find Maggie.

Sasha heads into the building, finding it empty and herself utterly alone. She nearly breaks down, but after taking a moment, goes to the window and spots Maggie lying down beside a few walker bodies. When Sasha leans closer to the window, the whole frame falls out and crashes to the ground, rousing all the walkers in the area. The two survivors fight back to back and are able to kill all the walkers.

Maggie confesses to Sasha that she was waiting for them, trusting that they would come looking for her. She also confesses she needs both Sasha and Bob’s help in order to find Glenn, and knows they will help her. Sasha admits to being afraid, but is still willing to hold out hope that they’ll be able to find Glenn and find somewhere safe, and the two of them reunite with Bob some distance down the railroad tracks.

Daryl sits at a crossroads, despondent after losing Beth.At the crossroads, a downcast Daryl is surrounded by a group of six well-armed and tough-looking men. They seem to be experienced bowmen and hunters, but are also obviously no good. When Daryl punches the leader in the face and draws his crossbow on him, the leader scoffs and warns him not to shoot, as it would mean Daryl’s death. “Suicide is stupid,” says the leader, who introduces himself as Joe. “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?” After a tense moment, Daryl reluctantly lowers his bow and gives them his name.

At another railroad crossing, Glenn finds yet another sign pointing him towards the place called “Terminus”. He looks at it anxiously.

Cue the end credits, and the cliffhanger.

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