The Walking Dead S4 Ep13 – Alone

Maggie kicks at an approaching walker.

In this episode: couples find and lose each other.


Glenn and Daryl meet Bob wandering in the woods.In a flashback, Bob wanders aimlessly through the wilds, barely surviving and half-drunk the whole time, until he is encountered by Daryl and Glenn on a run. After passing Rick’s 3-question test (How many walkers have you killed? Haven’t kept count. How many people have you killed? One. Why? She asked me to.), Glenn and Daryl take him back to the Prison.

In the present, Bob, Sasha, and Maggie stand back to back in the midst of some London pea-soup worthy fog. They barely fight off the walkers that come at them and Maggie insists that they move out, but Sasha wants to wait until the fog clears. When Maggie goes out to find more firewood, Sasha tries to bring Bob over to her side, stating that Glenn and Tyreese are probably dead and that they need to find a place to hole up and survive. Bob is with Maggie, and seems to understand why she believes Glenn is still alive.

Their group comes upon a railroad track, and another one of the ‘Terminus’ signs, which I still don’t feel good about, and Maggie is convinced Glenn is either there already or on his way. Sasha tries again to persuade them to find a safe place and just stop, but is overruled by both Bob and Maggie.

Elsewhere in the wilderness, Beth, toting Daryl’s crossbow as he follows behind her, is practicing her tracking skills. They come upon a walker, and as Beth slowly approaches it from behind, she steps into a small animal trap, injuring her ankle. After taking the zombie out, Daryl carries Beth to a rural house/funeral home, which has been suspiciously well taken care of. Someone has either left the place recently or is still calling it home. They find a few dead walkers, who appear to have been recently prepared for burial by the resident mortician, and Beth comments on how nice it is to see someone who remembers the walkers were once people. Using some of the medical supplies, they wrap her sprained ankle.

Beth plays Daryl a song to help him get to sleep.

I didn’t want to ship this ship, but now I guess I do…

A quick search of the kitchen reveals a large organized stash of food, which convinces the two of them that someone has definitely been here recently and plans to come back. But the food and safety tempts them shore up the defenses a bit more and stay the night. Later, Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen for lunch. They find a friendly looking, one-eyed dog sitting on the front porch, but it runs away when they try to bring it inside. As they are eating, Beth begins writing the owners of the food a thank you note, but Daryl suggests staying, and teaming up with whomever comes back. She smiles and asks who convinced him there are still good people in the world. He answers by staring meaningfully at her.

The moment is broken by a dog barking, and Daryl goes to the front door again to try and lure it inside, but instead of the dog, he finds a huge group of walkers at the door. Yelling at Beth to make a run for it, he tries holding them off, taking out a few before going down to the mortuary, where he is able to dispatch most of them and then get out of the house. He finds Beth’s backpack abandoned hastily on the road, then sees a car, which presumably has Beth inside, speeding away into the night. He chases it until morning before collapsing at a crossroad, exhausted, just short of distraught, and unsure of where to go next.

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