Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1 Ep9 – Nothing to Fear

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Will is not trapped in the closet, though I assume such imprisonment would allow for a far more manageable escape than the damned bottle would.  His fate is unwanted, but our Knave is quite the hilarious genie.  I doubt Cyrus was as humorous in the beginning.  “Nothing to Fear” amused us well enough, but there were many shortcomings that sort of took away that entertainment for me.  I’m talking specifically about an event that they either should have postponed or denied altogether, because allowing it to happen made the character completely pointless.  She became a mere plot device.  Actually… not even that.  Her death did nothing to advance the plot.  I don’t appreciate it when a role is present simply to be a flash in the pan.  When writers make you believe characters will matter when in actuality they won’t, I get pissed off.  It’s a dirty, shallow tactic.  It is there to pull at your heartstrings even if it’s not deserving of such a reaction.  This method leaves behind the unfulfilled story of what SHOULD have been.

Will and LizardLet’s be honest with each other.  We all know who I’m talking about: Lizard, Will’s plucky sidekick and admirer.  She was quite literally his partner in crime.  With hardly any screen time, I was so excited when she showed up this episode.  Obviously, the show’s plans for her would start to come to fruition… I was so wrong.  They had a plan, but it was a truly awful one.  They decided to turn her into an unnecessarily tragic character we were supposed to weep at.  She didn’t even make it through the hour.  Lizard became one-dimensional, with her only concern being Will’s affection.  She died because a boy wouldn’t notice her.  My initial heartbreak was followed closely by intense anger.  She had such potential and they robbed her of it.  What did they turn her into?  A trick to make you feel something.  I didn’t cry for her.  I hardly knew her.  Guess five would have been a crowd in their merry band of adventurers.  The disappointment is overwhelming.

Jafar and JabberAnd what do we make of the Jabberwocky?  No jaws that bite or claws that catch.  Jabber appears to be a humanoid with absolutely horrifying abilities.  She occasionally moves in a reptilian, snake-like way, which pairs nicely with Jafar’s character.  If they could manage it, I’d love to see her transform into the beast feared in the classic poem.  If not, her predatory way of movement will seem like kind of a waste, don’t you think?

Cyrus, Alice, and AnastasiaThe whole bit with Cyrus, Alice, and Anastasia seemed like more of a side quest, to be frank.  And the more I see Cyrus in action, the less I like Peter Gadiot’s acting.  I feel like I should be seeing more fire from his character.  Even when he was making his chivalrous speech to save Anastasia from the bloodthirsty villagers, I didn’t buy it.  He’s not a bad actor, but his delivery is a bit lackluster for the role.  Michael Socha gives us a meatier performance in comparison.  Though Lizard’s death was unwarranted, his reaction to it was believable.  The pain was apparent in his expression.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now… Will and Ana are the best parts of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  If this show doesn’t make it, I hope the writers will find it in their hearts to incorporate them into OUAT.  They would fit rather nicely.

“Nothing to Fear” was superficially pleasing.  Good momentum throughout, and it did keep your attention.  Some performances and choices weren’t so great, but perhaps these mistakes are forgivable according to the general audience.  Personally, I will not forgive Lizard’s untimely demise.  You’re on thin ice, OUATIW, but I’m hopeful for next week.  Please, gain back my trust.  I so desperately want you to.