Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 novelties: photos and episode synopses

With less than a month to go until the premiere of season 2, new Da Vinci’s Demons  stills are out. You’d better check them out! What is more (and I bet fans will be very excited about it), Starz has published the synopses of this new season’s episodes. I must confess that after nearly a year without Da Vinci’s Demons, I couldn’t wait to read them. They don’t reveal much, but if you can’t wait any longer, here they are:
In the jungle

Episode 201 “The Blood Of Man”
Chaos erupts as the Pazzis strike and Leonardo da Vinci is forced to gamble for the future of Florence. Meanwhile, Riario races ahead in his own quest for the Book of Leaves.

Episode 202 “The Blood of Brothers”
Leonardo employs his genius to restore order to Florence, while Pope Sixtus unites powers against them. Elsewhere, Nico attempts to withstand Riario’s temptations.

Episode 203 “The Voyage Of The Damned”
Leonardo continues to seek the Book of Leaves. Pope Sixtus takes aggressive measures against Florence, forcing Lorenzo to make great sacrifices. Lucrezia travels to Rome to form new alliances.

Episode 204 “The Ends Of The Earth”
Without maps, da Vinci struggles to navigate across the Atlantic. Lucrezia is smuggled into the Vatican for an important encounter. En route to Naples, Lorenzo’s identity is discovered.

Episode 205 “The Sun And The Moon”
Leonardo reunites with Riario and Nico in the New World. Lorenzo attempts to save Florence with the help of an old flame. Clarice struggles to retain control of the Medici Bank.

Episode 206 ”The Rope Of The Dead”
Leonardo and Riario face challenges when they enter the Vault of Heaven. Lorenzo partakes in King Ferrante’s bloody games. Journeying to Constantinople, Lucrezia encounters the Turk.

Episode 207 ”The Vault Of Heaven”
Leonardo and his allies are threatened by death at every turn in their quest for the Book of Leaves. Carlo aids Clarice. In the East, Lucrezia intrigues the son of the Sultan.

Episode 208 ”The Fall From Heaven”
While Leonardo and Riario face death, Zoroaster and Nico plot their escape. Lorenzo continues waiting for an audience with the King of Naples. Bayezid arrives in Rome seeking diplomacy.

Episode 209 ”The Enemies Of Man”
Da Vinci returns to Florence to find Duke Federico ruling with an iron fist. Meanwhile, Riario seeks redemption for his sins and King Ferrante opens negotiations with Lorenzo.

Episode 210 ”The Sins Of Daedalus”
An unlikely union must form to save Italy from an Ottoman attack. Riario is threatened, and Nico takes Vanessa’s destiny into his own hands.

So, what do you think of the new stills and the synopses? Let us know in the comments.

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