Black Sails S01 Ep07 – VII.

Eleanor and Flint talk

OK, so this week’s Black Sails is pretty boring. We’re ashore again and nothing really happens, except for Vane’s experience that saves the episode a bit. In Nassau they’re just plotting, trying to get rid of each other. The characters pretty much resemble savage beasts, really.

Flint and Mrs.Barlow

John Silver is some kind of ultimate survivor. He now enjoys Eleanor’s protection so Flint can’t kill him even if he wants to. Well, John might be safe from Flint, but what happens when you get involved with the crew? It’s highly likely not to live to see another day. It’s funny how Silver is now out of Flint’s reach, but he must face his men instead. Fortunately for him, Randall changes his mind at the last moment. John may be safe (for now, at least), but that doesn’t change the fact that the crew is aware of Flint’s lie. As a result, they plan to kill him after they take the Urca as a prize. I didn’t expect Dufresne to actually be the one to say it. After the attack on the Andromache, he is a very different man, a whole new man. I’ve always seen him as someone who never encourages violence, but I guess things change. 

To make things worse for Flint, Gates, one of his most trusted men, won’t help him. Their conversation is one of the best scenes in this episode. Flint finally reveals the truth to Gates, but it is clear that Gates doesn’t fancy the idea of Flint being their king. At all. Oh, my poor Billy! I expected him to be back in Nassau by the end of this episode or to at least know something of his whereabouts, because he can’t be dead. When it comes to him, I don’t know if I should believe Flint or not (even though Flint seems to be speaking the truth; no more lies). It is cruel of him to try make poor Gates feel guilty. And Gates did try to make Billy see reason.

Back to Flint, I really like that he defends Mrs.Barlow in front of Eleanor, and as I suspected, Mrs. Barlow wrote that letter contrary to Flint’s desires. A man like him couldn’t ever apologize to England, because that means to kneel, to lower your head and as Flint says, to admit that they were right.

Rackham at the brothelI’ve been wondering if Eleanor has a soft spot for Flint (she never refused to help him) and yes, indeed, she has. But just as I was waiting for them to kiss, Flint fatherly kisses her on the forehead. End of story, Eleanor. I am happy because she and Mr. Scott settle things, but I do feel sorry for her as Mr. Scott will join Captain Hornigold’s crew.

Rackham has some trouble dealing with his new position as a brothel owner because he’s new to this business and it’s the perfect moment for the whores to earn more money.

As far as I’m concerned, Vane’s scenes are the best ones in this episode. We find out that the man from his hallucinations is his former captain and that Vane was a slave. The fight scene is very tense, and of course he is not dead. He rises from the grave (like a phoenix from the ashes) and backstabs him. I believe Vane will return with the men as his crew in Nassau, but what about Flint? Flint is his archenemy so I expect Vane to do something about it.

To conclude, this episode is not too exciting, but I’m looking forward to the season finale.

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