Glee S5 Ep 10 – “Trio”

In the flaming ruins of the Bushwick Trio’s Loft, Kurt points out that they promised each other two years of sticking together and have now imploded after two months. Also? They’re both selfish. Also? They’re out of the band, as Pamela Landsbury is now a trio, with himself, Elliot, and Dani. In fact, they’re already playing a show, and both ladies are invited to attend, but only if they promised to keep their Uzis at home.

At Callbacks, Rachel and Santana call a brief truce, if only for Kurt’s sake. On stage, Kurt, with Dani and Elliot – in snazzy tuxes- declares Pamela Landsbury dead and introduces One Three Hill for their listening enjoyment. But as a prelude, he talks about thinking he’d be in a trio with different members, as Santana and Rachel look uncomfortable in the audience. This gives way to “The Happening” by the Supremes, a lesser known song from their catalog but a fun number nonetheless.

The next day, Santana comes home to find Rachel rifling through her drawers (literally) looking for her scented candles. They share a moment of regret – neither one of them is exactly full up with female friends, and they were trying to be something for each other. But the stalemate remains; Rachel feels betrayed and Santana feels justified. No one is budging.

Kurt has new friends. They don't slap each other. Kurt is happy.

Kurt has new friends. They don’t slap each other. Kurt is happy.

Kurt, Elliot, and Dani enter – they’re going to rehearse and the ladies are welcome to stay, but no. Things aren’t the same anymore.

Blaine finds Sam and Tina in the choir room; everyone is super mopey. Blaine apologizes for freaking – what was once a promised perfect senior year turned weird and difficult and the final nail in the coffin was a perfect senior lock-in dissolving into unexpected making out. He’s sorry for his reaction, and well, he’s certain of one thing. They are going to be friends forever.

They hug it out, Artie enters and hisses, “Menage a gross” – he’s unhappy about being left out.

Will and the rest of the club enters. There’s a brief pep talk about Nationals – in a week! in sunny LA! – but Will has learned his lesson. No late night freaking about their readiness. He knows what a winning club looks like and it looks like this group right here.

Since it’s one of the last Glee club meetings for the seniors, Blaine asks permission to do a song. And Artie is invited to make the trio a quartet. How do you resist? No worries, he doesn’t and it’s time for a perfect capping off song. “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips!

On stage, surrounded by a cloud-like background and blowing curtains, the seniors harmonize, while in NY, Elliot, Kurt, and Dani do the same (free from feuding band mates and able to just have fun). Rachel – alone – and Santana – hanging with a street person outside the diner – join in and the distance between people is very clear. Two groups of friends – and two friends cut off from their groups. It’s a great visual to end the episode on!

But wait! There’s more! Will’s packing for LA when Emma enters. Turns out she can’t go with him after all – seems all that relaxing and Kenny Loggins worked. Wemma’s pregnant!

As the McKinley episodes wind down, we’re faced with nervous seniors who fear the future – theirs, their friendships. At the same time, we see exactly what they’re afraid of manifesting in New York. It’s an interesting dynamic, and this was a strong episode, picking up on the themes from last week’s.

Next up? Nationals!



Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: So many great one liners, but Sam’s “Fifth wheel” deadpan is still making me laugh.

What made me sniffle: No tears!

What made me side-eye: Oh look! The criminally underused Demi Lovato! She’s dating Santana? Thanks for the reminder. Also I’m never going to understand a band hoping to make it big time by being a) a cover band and b) changing their musical stylings every week.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Hold On” is on permanent repeat. Fantastic blending of voices – one of the best group songs they’ve done in a while.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Nationals! Nationals! Nationals!



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