Glee S5 Ep 10 – “Trio”

Sue announces the Senior Lock-in and then cancels it, citing budget cuts and Obamacare. Tina collapses to the hallway floor, crying. Sam and Blaine happen upon their distraught friend and Blaine, in a moment of on-the-spot thinking and public embarrassment, decides they’ll have their own lock-in! A secret one! Then Sam distracts her by complimenting her breasts again.


The Feud Continues and burns hotter than ever!

The Feud Continues and burns hotter than ever!

At Casa Bushwick Duo, Santana is shoving hair extensions into her scalp when Elliot shows up and gets treated to a diatribe against Rachel that leaves him shaking his head. “Girl, that is so high school,” says Elliot, speaking for the sane people of the world. When Santana finds out Rachel has moved in with Elliot, she calls him a traitor. He points out he doesn’t actually know her…so… Santana won’t be dissuaded from her Rachel-venge so she offers to buy Elliot’s loyalty.

Run Elliot! Run!

In a delightful moment, a giant Treble Clef is superimposed over the McKinley Hallway and a voice-over from Blaine about the exploits of the Dark Feather. Shout out Finn! Outside it’s dark and the choir room window opens to reveal Nightbird! Who falls to the floor. Followed by a cranky Tina and then Sam, who thinks Blaine is making this much harder than it needs to be.

Really, Blaine just wants one more time in the Nightbird suit. Unless he joins some creepy fetish club… (You are moving to NY, honey.)

Senior Lock-in is the perfect excuse to use an epic song (and mimic an epic lock-in movie) so there’s only one choice: “(Don’t You) Forget About Me” by Simple Minds, sung by Tina, Blaine and Sam as they bounce through McKinley’s halls. They read Ms. Pillsbury’s kooky pamphlets, steal some condoms (!!!), fire extinguisher race, and change into their Cheerios costumes and roller blade/skateboard/scooter around.

Side note: Sam in a girl Cheerio outfit is strangely alluring…

It ends with a Bender-esque fist pump and we all take a moment to find our copy of Breakfast Club.

Unfortunately the fun is interrupted by Becky and a flashlight. Busted! Becky has set up 11 Hour Energy drinks – enough to keep them awake for fourteen years or so – and a game of Twister on the stage. It’s this or the police, so start stretching!

At the Wemma homestead, Emma finds Will in a cleaned out craft room, painting the walls. Will has taken Sue and Shannon’s advice and is relaxing, enjoying the ride. And he wants Emma to do the same. They’re so afraid of letting each other down, they’re not enjoying the journey. So they’ll set up the nursery, have a date night, and let nature take its course. And they do it to “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins, which is a really good choice for Matt Morrison’s voice and sweetly narrates the next chapter of their journey.

Becky and Blaine are playing Twister, and Blaine notices that Sam and Tina have been gone for awhile…so he goes in search of his besties only to discover them in a classroom kissing! Blaine does not take this well at all and in a melodramatic fit, points out that this was their last chance for a friendly (emphasis friendly) threesome to spend time together as a family, but they have ruined it with the tongues! He takes off down the hallway, in full-out flail.

Surprise! It's a senior fling between your besties!

Surprise! It’s a senior fling between your besties!

Side note: Groomzillas. It’s inevitable.

At the diner, Rachel enters and finds out table five is waiting for her. “Here we go,” says Kurt, because table five is Elliot and Santana – running lines. For pay. The girls go at it again – Rachel has let Santana have Kurt and the apartment, she can’t have Elliot! This moment is interrupted by the manager saying a customer has requested the song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan and now the fight turns into a sing off with Santana, Rachel and stuck-in-the-middle Elliot, who should probably move back to New Jersey.

The girls sing their hearts out, trying to out diva each other; Elliot participates for a while but then ends up at a table to share a “really over it” face with Kurt. In the end, the girls demand Elliot choose who was better. He declares them both pretty, and well, he’s over it. He’s not taking sides, he’s not living in this high school drama anymore. No more scene partnering, not Rachel’s best gay, and oh? He’s out of the band until the three of them get their stuff together. And he’s out.

Good for you Elliot!

Voice over: He thinks it's just a harmless senior lock-in but soon he'll learn about...the tongues!

Voice over: He thinks it’s just a harmless senior lock-in but soon he’ll learn about…the tongues!

Back in Ohio, there’s more storming about. Tina and Sam try to apologize to Blaine for the experimental senior fling, but Blaine cannot be placated. They ruined a perfect night with making out and boob talk! There’s no coming back from that! Heck, he turned down bumper bowling with Kitty and Artie for the senior lock-in, and he was betrayed. He wishes them a face-slurping and boob-fondling night!

Side note: The comedic timing of this scene is fantastic. Blaine is usually a romantic character – all heart eyes and good intentions, but the control freak, throwing-a-fit version is underrated. Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet have such an easy chemistry – they take turns being the straight man and the result is hilarious.

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