Glee S5 Ep 10 – “Trio”

Graduation is around the corner and not everyone is ready to go.

Graduation is around the corner and not everyone is ready to go.

Another strong Glee episode after last week’s fun diva-off; this time “Trio” explores loyalties – some shifting, some strengthening and some tentative. There’s also some really good news tucked into the whirlwind of feud aftermath and stressed-out seniors.

We begin in a Ohio classroom where Mr. Schue is teaching about the Donner party – which is pretty interesting (you know, cannibals and all) but things are cut short when a wild Emma appears. “It’s time” she says and they run down the hall to the faculty bathroom and well, you know. Noises begin. Poor Becky does not know because when she investigates, she is traumatized for life and runs screaming down the hallway.

Sue is horrified by the sexual antics of the Pillsbury-Schues, even more so when they reveal they are attempting to conceive a baby. “Why?” she asks as Becky sits catatonic in the background. The word “emission” is used and well, they ain’t talking about cars. Sue dry heaves as they scurry back to work.

Safely hidden from the copulation conversation, three of the four graduating seniors launch into a delicious rendition of “Jumpin Jumpin'” from Destiny’s Child; Blaine, Tina, and Sam rock the hallways and the choir room with a sassy, hip-shaking number. While they realize this isn’t a number for Nationals, they realized they’ve never sung together and needed to remedy that before time ran out. And thank you for that – it’s a fabulous, sexy number.

Artie’s a little put out for not being included in the trio (which would make it a more efficient quartet), but Will commends the kids for taking the time to do something special with each other. Friendships are important and, well, they’re going to be going their separate ways soon…which is the wrong thing to say as Tina begins to cry. Oh and Artie, you had your chance to hug her last week.

Back in New York, Rachel isn’t crying over her feud/end of Bushwick Trio living arrangements. Oh no. She’s at NYADA with a full band, ready to rehearse the entire Funny Girl score. Because no way, no how is Santana getting a millisecond of time as Fanny. Elliot arrives with Rachel’s dry cleaning and tea with lemon – and a key. Because apparently Rachel and Elliot are now roommates!

Cue hilarious flashback where a brilliantly dramatic Rachel arrives at Elliot’s door, throws herself into his arms, and then steals his bed while he’s left on the couch. Do you wish you pretended you weren’t home, Elliot?

Elliot’s rent is high and the price he’s going to pay is with Rachel as his roommate, and she’s delighted with her new “best gay” (PS: he doesn’t like that, on account of it makes him feel like a pet and is also offensive!). Would the new and improved Kurt like to stay and sing backup?

He’s got a better idea, because he’s secretly Adam Lambert and the urge to rock overcomes all narratives. Magical sheet music appears and soon the band is rocking Heart’s classic “Barracuda.” Rachel and Elliot tear into the song, gyrating in perfect harmony and then shimmying to the floor. If you ever wondered what Adam Lambert and Lea Michele would sound like together, the answer is “ass-kicking.” I so ship them musically!

Ohio-side, Sam and Blaine are trying on their graduation robes. Sam doesn’t see the point but as his bestie is a bit of a control freak, he just rolls with it. Tina enters and oh no, more tears. She points out how their friendships with the older graduates have changed – they were so close and now they don’t talk! The glue that holds their relationships together right now is being together. And very soon? They won’t be. She’s sad to be letting her besties go.

Sam makes her a deal – every week he’ll send her a Vine of him doing an impression and she can send him a picture of her soaping up her boobs! Blaine is vaguely horrified but Tina is delighted that after three years, Sam’s finally noticed them.


Blaine wants to do something epic, something they’ll still be talking about thirty years from now. Sam thinks they should sneak a cow into school, but no! Blaine has a better idea. Senior lock-in!

Wemma + 1.

Wemma + 1.

The Wemma baby-making project is not going well. Emma isn’t pregnant yet and Will says he’s going to make an appointment for her at the doctor to see what’s wrong. Nope, Will. Nope. Even Sue and Shannon know this is the wrong way to go about this – they advise him to chill out and stop putting pressure on his wife. Sue describes her impregnation by Michael Bolton (accompanied on sax by Kenny G) and even that doesn’t kill Will’s desire to procreate. You can do it, Will!

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