Bitten S1E8 – Prisoner

Bitten Episode 8, “Prisoner,” answers two of the most burning questions of the series so far:

  1.  Does a werewolf have to kill his or her human partner if he or she finds out they’re a werewolf? Answer: Yes. Yes, they do. Or an enforcer like Clay will find them and kill them.
  2. Can werewolves be born that way? Answer: Yes. Yes, they can.

Add to these revelations the fact that no wolf in the pack has so far mentioned having a living mother, and things are starting to look pretty disturbing for Rachel and Logan. No wonder Logan is hoping for a girl. But that’s really another story — Logan and Rachel don’t even appear in “Prisoner.”

The title character of the episode is Cain, the notorious mutt responsible for Pete’s death. Cain looks like any big, dumb bad guy, but he’s gotten an impressive amount of character development in these last couple of episodes. It mainly revolves around his relationship with human woman Amber, who is aware he is a wolf and wants him to bite her, regardless of the risk. Cain was not willing to take that risk, a fact not lost on Elena, who meets Amber during her quest to find out which poison was used on Jeremy (who’s condition is worsening). It’s never said how Amber found out her boyfriend is a werewolf, but she does say he “couldn’t do it” (kill her), suggesting it was accidental. Which would be  consistent, because if he outright told her it would be signing her death warrant. Elena is quite moved by the whole thing. Enough that she lets her go, something she will probably regret.

Cain, who tries to avoid talking by taking on his wolf form, is forced to turn back with an injection administered by Clay, who is interrogating Cain by himself. Cain, restrained but unbowed, taunts Clay, even as he interrogates him about Amber. Cain plays it off like she’s just “some skank” he hardly knows, but as soon as Clay’s back is turned, you can see the terror in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Nick meets with a werewolf lawyer about erasing Tonio’s human existence then has sex with his assistant. Philip’s ex Sylvie (not Zoe, apparently, like I previously thought) is able to enlarge footage of neatly folded clothing outside near where the wolf footage was taken. They don’t naturally assume it’s a wolf run: they assume Nate, the guy who took the video, was a pervert out secretly filming lovers in the woods when he came across the two wolves. When Philip identifies the necklace on top of the clothing as an anniversary gift he’d given Elena, he thinks he’s discovered that Elena has been cheating on him with Logan. He calls her, but, being passive-aggressive, he doesn’t tell her what’s bothering him. He goes to find out more about the footage from Nate, but when he gets to his apartment, it’s empty, and the super insists that no one called Nate had ever lived there — the last tenant was an old woman who just passed away. (Isn’t that always the way?)

The Sheriff shows up to remind us that townie Braxton is still dead, and they’re still being investigated. Elena learns that Jeremy has been poisoned with ricin, so she gives him a blood transfusion with her own blood, presumably saving him.

Even with sidelining Logan and Rachel for an episode, there’s a lot packed in, which is a shame, because more focus on Cain and Clay would have made the episode stronger. When the action finally returns to them, things have settled a bit and Clay feeds him. They start having a normal conversation about their fathers and childhoods. Clay tells him that he was bitten at age 7, got lost in the woods, and “went feral” before Jeremy found him. It’s all a strategy: Clay is trying to gain Cain’s trust so he’ll accept an offer to join the pack in return for information about the other mutts. Cain wavers, but ultimately refuses. He was born a wolf, he says, and he won’t be taken in by a wolf who was bitten.

When Elena returns, she confronts Clay about Cain’s unwillingness to bite Amber, pretty much shoving it in his face (as she should have) as proof that he’s lower than the lowest scumbag werewolf for purposefully biting her and calling it love. Infuriated, Clay injects Cain again, ties him naked to a chair, and tells him he knows about Amber and he knows she knows he’s a wolf. Cain begs for her life, and tells him that  Jimmy Koenig is the enforcer hired by Santos to take down the pack. Clay then asks if he imagines growing old with Amber, being happy, having a family. Cain says he imagines it all the time, that she is his soul mate. Clay proceeds to castrate — yes, castrate — and kill Cain.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Amber.


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