The Walking Dead S4 Ep12 – Still

Daryl and Beth get into an argument.

In this episode, my prayers are answered!

Recap Time!

In the middle of the night, Daryl and Beth, fleeing a huge horde of zombies, stumble out of the woods and on to the road. They spend a sleepless and uncomfortable night in the trunk of an abandoned car, and in the morning retreat back to their pitiful camp in in the woods. Daryl hunts, and manages to snag a huge rattlesnake, which they cook and eat in stony silence.

Beth declares she needs a drink, an alcoholic one, claiming she’s never had one before. Daryl completely ignores everything she says, continuing to chow down on the snake, so she sets out on her own. She doesn’t make it very far before a small group of zombies approach, and she is just barely able to distract them and send them in another direction. Daryl appears behind her, prepared to save her if anything went wrong, and leads her back to the camp.

Determined to get her drink, Beth declares she’s able to take care of herself and storms out of the camp, with Daryl following, because what the heck else is there to do? They find a country club, and note another group of zombies slowly coming towards them on the horizon, but find a way inside the building. Beth and Daryl find a country club full of bodies and hanging walkers.It’s obvious some serious stuff went down long before they got there, as the floor is pretty much covered in bodies and there are several well-dressed walkers hanging from the ceiling. After scavenging supplies and tools from the room, Daryl barricades the door against the group of zombies outside and he and Beth retreat further inside.

They search the kitchen next, and Beth spots a dusty bottle of wine on a shelf. She climbs up and is able to grab it just before a walker appears and attacks her. Smashing the bottle over the zombie’s head, she tries stabbing it in the eye with the broken bottle a few times before she is able to get to her knife and kill it. Daryl pops his head in afterwards, and she sarcastically thanks him for his help. “You said you could take care of yourself, and you did,” he replies.

Downstairs, Daryl raids the clothing store for things that might come in handy and Beth ‘shops’ for new clothes, watched over by mannequins (my horror video game senses are tingling big time…). She changes into a bright yellow shirt and a white cardigan and is disturbed when she sees that one of the mannequins has had its torso replaced with a human woman’s, who is also dressed in a white cardigan and a string of pearls, with a sign labeling her a ‘Rich Bitch’ hanging around her neck. When she tries to get Daryl to help her take it down, he shrugs and points out that it doesn’t really matter, as the woman is already dead, but Beth insists that it does matter. They compromise by covering the torso with a sheet.

Daryl puts the beatdown on a walker, using a golf club.


Walkers manage to corner them in a room, and while Beth stands by, Daryl violently dispatches them with golf clubs, beating the last one within an inch of its non-existent life before smashing its head in and covering Beth’s nice new cardigan in gore. She shucks it.

They finally make it to the bar, and Beth finds a half-empty bottle of peach schnapps. Just as she is about to open the bottle, she starts to cry, probably because she thought her first drink would be completely different than the way its turning out right now. Daryl struggles with what to do, then grabs the bottle and smashes it. “Ain’t gonna have your first drink be no damn peach schnapps,” he says.

He leads Beth to a run-down house with a moonshine still attached, which he and Michonne found during an earlier scouting run. Handing her a crate filled with mason jars full of the stuff, they go inside and he pours her a shot. Beth is a little hesitant to try it, but eventually does, managing to swallow it with only a slightly disgusted face, even as she calls it the most disgusting thing she’s ever tasted. She invites Daryl to have some, but he refuses, stating he has to keep watch. She pokes fun at him, calling him Mr. Dixon and asking if he’s her chaperone now.

The two of them begin cleaning up the place, and Beth finds a pink brassiere ashtray, full of cigarettes. Daryl remarks that its something his father would’ve bought, and that he recognized the place as a moonshine still because it reminded him of what his father’s place was like. When Beth holds out a mason jar to him, he takes it and sits in the overstuffed armchair and calls it ‘home sweet home.’

Cut to Beth and Daryl playing ‘Never Have I Ever.’ The game start out innocently enough. We learn that Beth has never shot a crossbow, and Daryl has never left Georgia, but when Beth says she’s never been to jail, Daryl takes it as an insult and becomes defensive and belligerent. He shouts at her, saying that he’s never been as spoiled, sheltered, stupid, and attention-seeking as she is, in not so many words, but also saying he’s never had the luxury of being able to depend on or trust anyone other than himself. Beth tries to calm him down, since the noise is stirring up a zombie outside, but he pulls her outside, meaning to teach her how to shoot a crossbow.

He pins the zombie to a tree with his first shot and shoves the crossbow at Beth, wrapping an arm around her shoulders when she tries to resist. He continues to shoot the zombie, calling out pool table shots because this whole crappy world is supposed to be a ‘game,’ according to Beth and her wanting a drink or singing around a campfire and generally acting like a child. Beth knifes the zombie and doesn’t back down when Daryl asks her what she wants from him. “I want you to stop acting like you don’t give a crap about anything. Like nothing we went through matters. Like none of the people we lost meant anything to you. It’s bullshit!” She also calls him out for treating her like she doesn’t deserve to be alive because she’s not as tough or capable as any of the other ladies in their group.

Beth hugs Daryl from behind as he cries over the loss of the group.

Back hugs are the best types of hugs.

Daryl fires back, saying she’s lost two boyfriends and her dad and yet all she wants to do is drink like a “dumb college bitch,” but then turns around and wonders if the attack on the Prison and all the deaths that resulted from that were his fault, like he could’ve prevented it if he had continued looking for the Governor. He breaks down when he mentions Hershel, and Beth wraps her arms around him in a hug from behind as he cries.

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