Veronica Mars Novels Coming to a Bookstore Near You

VMarsBookJust a few months ago, Rob Thomas (writer/director of the Veronica Mars movie) has confirmed that there will be companion novels to add to the series’ repertoire.  This week, he has announced an official release date on March 25: just 11 days after the film’s release!

The first novel is titled The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Thomas has stated that, although the novel’s timeline follows a few months after the conclusion of the events of the movie, the film has a definite ending and can be a standalone.

Since Thomas has said that he would like to make more Veronica Mars movies, if given the chance, he would either adapt the novel into the next movie or have the movie pick up after the events of the books. Unlike some other companion novels, the events in this new series are officially set in the the same “universe” as the Veronica Mars television series and film.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line‘s mystery will actually have a basis in what Thomas’ original vision of the movie would have been before he realized that another story had to be told first, given the amount of time that’s passed.  Also, he teased that the book features the return of an important figure from Veronica’s past – one that did not return for the movie.

The novel is already available for preorder on Amazon. Thomas has already confirmed that he and his co-author Jennifer Graham are already at work on the second novel of the series and that it will also be published some time this year.